Greenwich tax collector too broke to dress himself



Our fellow citizen  Tod Laudonia wants a $2,500 clothing allowance to buy himself sharper threads. This is a family-friendly blog, so I’ll just say that the request should be turned down as inopportune.


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26 responses to “Greenwich tax collector too broke to dress himself

  1. Cos Cobber

    Wonderful, but the obvious problem is that thinking like this has no end.

    Up next, a gym allowance because town hall staff are putting on weight and salad allowance because eating a healthy lunch everyday costs $5 more than a greasy sandwich.

    What Todd should have requested are batons, Kevlar vests and handcuffs…that would have been ignored.

  2. pulled up in OG

    WTF is an Assistant Tax Collector, Laudonia’s caddie?

    • I don’t know what he does, but according to the town’s website, the position of Assistant Tax Collector pays between $55,000 – $67,000 a year. No wonder he needs us to buy him clothes.

  3. Mickster

    OPM – other people’s money. God, some of these clowns should be water-boarded!

    God knows what other lard is in these budgets!!!!!

    What gets me us the quote ” he just thought it was a good idea” – lets put that in the budget.

    WTF is going on over there that allows that mindset???

    That department is living in the Middle Ages – a Greenwich HS with a CS background could put the whole process on auto/pilot in weeks.

    Don’t get me started…

    • The problem is that elected officials have to find a need to exist as a full time entity. They do that by coming up with stupid ideas like this. Is it not just as insulting that the taxpayers actually paid some idiot to come up with this idea?

      Much like the friend brought along to critique a house for purchase. They feel the must justify their presence. I gather Mr. Fountain is in the real estate business and could probably relate.

      What ever happened to people wanting to look their best for their own personal self esteem? Now the government needs to provide that too?

      It’s ok though. While I teach my kid about self-reliance; the rest of the herd learns to suck on the welfare/entitlement teat. He’ll be way ahead. Like they say, there’s people that build bridges…..and people that pay to cross them. Unless of course the government says you didn’t build that bridge and takes it away through imminent domain LOL…

      The governor in Texas is talking about giving some of the rainy day fund back to citizens and all libs up in the Northeast can think of is “How do I get more” from its citizens. No wonder people are moving to Texas.

      Thing is……we don’t want any Yanks down here…well unless you’re a smart Yank =)

      Just my nickel.


  4. Al Dente

    When fleecing forlorn freemen of their finances, it is fitting to wear fashionable finery.

  5. Mickster

    excellent but…off with his head!

  6. Just the Facts!

    Easy killers….think we should all do our homework on this one before ranting about Town policies. The uniform idea was the logical choice given many staff members had been wearing inappropriate clothing while interfacing with the public. HR said it’s hard to define casual dress in this day and age….so the next option was to require Town approved uniforms/shirts.

    • Why not tell them to dress appropriately in clothes they buy themselves, like ordinary citizens? Dress codes for employees, private or public, are still constitutional – let’s impose one, while it still is

  7. Mickster

    Oh great, now you’re gonna have Walt over there checking out to see who in that Dept (because this was specific to them!) was dressing inappropriately…

  8. CatoRenasci

    Perhaps First Congo’s Rummage Room could donate some clothes to the poor tax collector and his henchpersons.

  9. AJ Nock

    Somebody tell Tod that hideous green shirt doesn’t go with his tie or suit. Guess he’s not married.

  10. Just the Facts!

    They apparently tried to impose a dress code. Good luck telling fact cat government workers what to do when it is virtually impossible to fire them short of them committing a capital felony.

    • If managers can’t control their subordinates then they shouldn’t be managers. Something to remember next election.

      • Cos Cobber

        Interesting you would say that. So just how many managers where fired in your wake from Round Hill Parnters to your current joint (Two Guys and a Gal with a Computer Realty)?

        • Cos Cobber

          Oh, I was trying to have fun with you about your employment history. Do I have this wrong, that you bounced from firm to firm in part because they couldnt ‘control’ you?

          • You have it (mostly) wrong. I was recruited from RHP by Raveis by an offer of a larger cut of my commissions and left Raveis – after receiving a couple of “Chairman’s Awards” for being a top producer – because the legal department wanted me to sign an indemnification / hold harmless agreement in case they were sued because of my blog. So I left – on good terms.
            UPDATE: upon reflection, it is true that after three more years of blogging, I have surely reached the point where no large firm in town would have me. As Joe Pisano, former editor of Greenwich Time once told me when someone else, not I, suggested I become a columnist for the paper, “Chris, you’re toxic”. I was never so proud in my life.

  11. ML

    I’m disgusted more by the mere mention that $2,500 is insignificant. A billion here, a trillion there, whats the difference?? Complete idiots. When are the heavily fiscally conservative residents going to rise up and take control of the town finances which are getting out of control at an alarming rate.

  12. Al Dente

    I think an open charge at Mitchel’s | Richards would be in order. They got nice crap there.

  13. Anonymous

    What fortuitous timing with this IDIOT idea from Laudonia…..remark comes right after that a BET member rightly proposes that we reduce the position to part time. Go for it BET!!!!

  14. we work for them

    free cars, free meals, free travel vouchers, free this and that,
    it is all in the budget u let them pass,

    then give me my free no strings attached pension for life.

    we are all suckers of the government

    we are their servants, they are not civil servants

    250k pension to ridberg,

    when is it going to burst?

  15. Balzac

    Let’s hear it for “toxicity”, a badge of honor if there is one…..