I do believe the Byram pool project has been shelved, at least until 2199

GHS Music Hall, opening Night (representative image - need not be built)

GHS Music Hall, opening night (representative image – need not be built)

Clean up costs for GHS field estimated at up to $146 million, before overruns.

It would likely take 60 dump trucks six days a week over a 10-week period for each of the next 12 summers — all at a cost of $146 million to local taxpayers — to remove several feet of toxic soil from Greenwich High School under the most expensive and aggressive cleanup option presented to the town by its environmental consultant Tuesday night.

Kind of makes the $50 million anticipated to be spent putting a music hall on top of the dirt a mere rounding error.



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  1. CatoRenasci

    Oh, but the cheapest version is only something more than $15 million (wow, literally an order of magnitude difference….) and there’s a third $50+ million version. Any guess which one Our Town will chose? I don’t think the $146 million version will fly with the RTM – pesky buggers – and I don’t think the Educrats would dare risk Our Kiddos by choosing the cheapest version. So, my guess is it’s the $50+ million version. Not one cent of which would have had to have been spent had the now redundant Jeffrey Specter’s version of Carnegie Hall not been approved.

    Everyone responsible for not doing the environmental testing before the project came to the RTM should be fired, and the RTM should be all fired for not insisting on the environmental testing before approving the palace. I mean it’s not as if there weren’t people in Town who knew the high school was built on a filled-in swamp back before the environmental laws would have made it impossible.

    As the parent of musicians and supporter of the Symphony, I favored the idea of the project at ~$25 million, but with the proviso that if it were approved, other capital projects might have to wait. Now, I think that until the environmental clean up is finished and paid for, there should be NO new capital spending. Maintenance (always where Greenwich cuts) should be funded, but everything else, from the Fire Palace to the Byram Swim Temple to the Sewers (sorry down below the Post Road….) should be deferred until we pay for the Specter’s Folly.

  2. Anonymous

    I think a new high school could be built for $150M

  3. NewsJunkie

    The rats are abandoning ship! Another board member of the BOE announced that she won’t be seeking reelection. Remember a year and a half ago the battle waged for these highly contested seats (mostly to rid the board of that “nasty” fiscal conservative Ponns-Cohen, who turned out to be right about everything). No one wants to be left holding the bag now that the MISA vanity project has turned into a nightmare.

  4. The impression is given that the Town has a choice to make in the PCB cleanup. This is not true.

    PCBs are heavier than water – they sink. IF you dump PCBs into a swamp, the rise and fall of the water table carries them lower and spreads them around the water table.

    The degree of clean-up expense is based on the residual test values of PCB’s for the next load, and the next, and the next.

    Then there is the expense of where to dump the material. GE was forced in the Hudson River cleanup to transport their dumped PCB’s to Texas for proper disposal.

    The Hudson River PCBs were of the less dangerous, lighter sort used in electrical manufacturing just prior to and during WWII. The hormonal damage to young girls bodies from absorption of PCBs through dust and skin contact was discovered in the 1930’s, and the batch process (pressure boil benezene in the presence of chlorine gas) was scaled back.

    The type of PCBs at the High School are the heavier, more dangerous type produced between 1880 and 1930 for old power plant equipment. Now let’s think, where would hundreds of pounds of pure old-style power plant PCBs have come from, to be dumped by local contractors at the High School?

    You might consult the State Library aerial photos of activity at the Cos Cob Power Plant from 2000 to 2003 to see the excavation and sequestration of PCB’s in infrared color.

    • pulled up in OG

      Clean coal. You can pay me now and you can pay me later.

    • Anonymous


      What is the cost to clean Milbrook?

      • The BOE website
        published three new documents today. They are lacking in numbers, and seem to be written to placate the parents with generalities. The neighbors should be up in arms, as they “inherit” the pollution problems coming down-stream for their own properties and financial responsibilities.

        The Assessment report states:

        The results of the Screening Level Ecological Risk Assessment indicate the need for further study of a limited number of chemicals in sediment and surface water in a more refined Ecological Risk Assessment.

        The benthic community in Cider Mill Pond and West Brothers Brook (upstream of the pond) will be evaluated further via toxicity testing, specifically for chlordane and PCBs.

        Additional study of surface water in West Brothers Brook and Cider Mill Pond is also warranted. Although concentrations of chemicals in surface water exceeded conservative screening levels, the chemicals may be coming from upstream or natural sources.

        Additional sampling activities are being considered to address questions about whether compounds present in surface water and sediment at concentrations above their screening levels are due to human activities at the Site.

    • Anonymous

      i try not to eat locally caught fish for this reason. a pal told me of the levels of, generally, crap that were in one fish he had tested (wife was paranoid about it). no thanks.

  5. pulled up in OG

    Not bad! The Russian on Simmons Lane was only 5,000 dump trucks. : )

  6. Anonymous

    Funny to think that none of it would have been discovered if they just kept the auditorium “as is”

  7. Anonymous

    CF—your humor makes my day….gotta luv that debutante picture!