Lament the late, great state of Colorado


So when's recess?

So when’s recess?

Denver: parents of six-year-old “transgender” sue school district for access to girl’s bathroom.


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6 responses to “Lament the late, great state of Colorado

  1. weakleyhollow

    There no longer is any abnormal, or rather, normal folk have no rights until all abnormal folk have been accounted for.

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    I BLAME THE PARENTS!! Firstly, they gave the little it a gender neutral name. If they named it Max, or Ralph, maybe there would be no confusion. They were asking for trouble naming it Coy.

    And what is your role in this matter? “Dude argued that the district is in compliance with the state Anti-Discrimination Act…” Are you representing the school board, or little it?

    Now I am not a Doctor, although I like to play one, but don’t you need to start sprouting pubes before you really identify with a gender? When his ding dong starts serving a purpose, and he learns to play it like a bass trombone, maybe it will grow to like it. Worth a try!!

    Get its haircut, stop calling it a she, buy it some baseballs and toy guns, and let’s see what happens. If it understood they may whack of its wanker someday, it may find that pissing in the men’s room isn’t all that bad. And it can go in a stall and squat to piss.

    Just like you do!
    Your Pal,

  3. Al Dente

    How much you wanna bet this poor kid attempts suicide before the age of 18? So sad.

  4. anon

    katie couric had a young boy on this week who started this world as a female but decided he was in the wrong skin and needed to be a boy. he was lucky to have an incredible mother who pulls no punches, who doesn’t coddle his expectations in life, wouldn’t dream of suing the school. these kids who struggle with gender identity have only one real hope – parents who are realistic with them. it’s tough enough to be and stay one gender let alone want to switch. the mom on couric would win an award in my mind for understanding the situation honestly and with no sugar and spice.

  5. My DU alumn respective..
    How fast can he/she ski or shoot a puck
    Sorry your parents f…d that night

  6. Anonymous

    kind of looks like you chris, except his/her teeth aren’t yellow