Not a parody, this is really true



Made your campaign contribution to the Democrats yet?

Made your campaign contribution to the Democrats yet?

Cuomo to exempt Hollywood stars from the new gun control law. Because actors can be trusted, unlike New York State residents, who use drugs, booze and spend six months of the year in rehab.

Learn from the master

Learn from the master


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8 responses to “Not a parody, this is really true

  1. Tawm

    We can expect many more double standards (and triple standards, etc.)

  2. Green Mtn Punter

    Is there anyone out there willing to file suit? This is the 21st C version of “separate but equal”, or am I wrong? NRA ought to be lining this one up for the firing squad!

    • JRH

      Yes, this is really the modern-day equivalent of American apartheid. The world you people have constructed for yourselves is amazing.

  3. Yeah, because celebrities like “Fatty” Arbuckle, Snoop Dogg, Gig Young, Don King, Paul Kelly, Sid Vicious, Phil Spector, Robert Blake, O.J. Simpson, and Johnny Lewis (to name a few) are all upstanding people…

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  5. FlyAngler

    Seems Cuomo has bigger issues since a NYS “supreme court” judge has put forward an injunction against the SAFE Act unless the State can convince her that the Act is constitutional. The State has two months to make that case or the injunction goes into effect.

    Should the State fail to make its case, it is likely to appeal to the NYS Appeal Court which is actually superior to the “supreme court” in NY (CF, this is confusing stuff). Then it winds through the courts from there but likely gets to the SCotUS faster than a federal 2A case I think. This will really test what Scalia meant in Heller with “in common use”.

    Losing no time, Cuomo has collected his brain trust to his Albany bunker to find a way out of this:

  6. kc

    As I read the article, this will at least prevent one of those messy Meet the Press type of episodes when the intrepid reporter pulls out something that appears to be forbidden in an attempt to color the story. The favored few need not worry about understanding a complicated and inflexible law. It’s fine to ensnare the little people but let’s not burden our friends and courtiers with such trivia. I wonder if they even notice the inherent symbolism? Do the voters?