Too bad Greenwich Time’s cub reporters aren’t allowed to ask questions

Jonathan DuBoise (middle, effecting the really cool ascot look)

Jonathan DuBoise (middle, affecting the really cool ascot look)

The newly-formed Greenwich Knotted Knickers group, an anti-gun association, held a church meeting last night and said all the usual things.  No news there, but a striking solution to mass murders by gunmen was proposed by an attendee or his  Pathways House companion, and I wish the reporter had demanded that he defend his idea.

Greenwich resident Jonathan DuBois said he attended to see what was happening, and felt discouraged by the slow-moving process.

“It’s very, very discouraging to us that issues of public importance like this can’t be resolved,” said DuBois, 72. “If they passed a tax law, $2 per bullet, maybe something will happen.”

GT doesn’t bother mentioning that Mr. DuBoise is Chairman of the Greenwich Housing Authority, a huge ($18,000 contribution in 2012) supporter of Obama or an employee of the Rockefeller’s Indian Spring Land Development Corporation (which is ironic, because while Indian Spring is preparing to clear-cut its woods from Zaccheus Mead to Riversville Road, DuBoise is hanging out at Greenwich Tree Conservancy cocktail parties, as seen above).

But the question I’d have asked this tree-hugging, chainsaw Democrat is how exactly how he thinks imposing a $2 per cartridge tax would reduce the possibility of another Sandy Hook massacre? Such a tax would affect only target shooters, because only target shooters buy ammunition in large enough quantities to feel the pinch – will ending target practice reduce gun violence? If so, how? It’s a simple question, but DuBoise’s answer would have been fun to hear.


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15 responses to “Too bad Greenwich Time’s cub reporters aren’t allowed to ask questions

  1. You’re right Chris – GT fails again to do any thinking so it’s hard to report out more on the event when their reporters don’t even know what to ask.

  2. another stb 4 me

    Why are these oldies bothering with laws that will not affect them, they should just stay down in FL and help the illegal banana boat crowd acclimate. On another pressing topic, does anyone know where in Greenwich is Jennifer Aniston filming?

  3. Ghost of the FAR Czar

    Ex- chairman of the Housing Authority. Tesei kicked him out at the end of his last term.

  4. edgewater

    greenwich time….not fit to wrap fish. does anyone read it anymore?

  5. Walt

    Dude –
    Here are some of the indicators that you are in fact a douche bag. Not you. But how you can spot them. You douche bag.

    You wear an ascot. This should also set off your Gaydar.

    You wear a sweater tied around your neck. This makes you a douche bag and a sissy. A sissy is an immature Homo.

    You wear a bowtie. This is a douche bag craving attention, but he has no personality.

    You wear pink pants and white shoes. This is a douche bag with no taste. Who lets his wife dress him. Also known as a eunuch.

    You wear a Pinky ring. This is a WOP douche bag.

    You use a nickname like Biff, Chip, Skip, Francis or Hiram. This is a douche bag that lacks self esteem.

    You consider all of the above a wonderful part of the Greenwich lifestyle, and believe people will pay a premium to be exposed to it. This is a delusional douche bag.

    There are plenty more, but that is enough to help you spot them for now.
    Your Pal,

  6. Accolay

    What is going on with that development? Did they ever get approval for the entry/address on Zaccheus Mead?

  7. It is truly unfortunate that these types will never “get it” until a robber breaks into their house or one of their loved ones is accosted/attacked/raped by a sick individual!

  8. Anonymous

    maybe they’ll get beaten with a bar of soap wrapped in a paisley silk ascot.

    there’s some poetic injustice.