White House: how are we supposed to know what Homeland Security’s up to?

What does it matter now?

What difference does it make?

Obama claims he “wasn’t aware” that thousands of illegal aliens had been released back onto American soil by his cabinet secretary. Of course, now that she’s done it, what can we do? It’s all the fault of that evil sequester plan I proposed, anyway.


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10 responses to “White House: how are we supposed to know what Homeland Security’s up to?

  1. Anonymous

    If they didn’t close a prison or fire guards, then they only saved the food cost. Meanwhile they added the cost of monitoring. SAVINGS goverment style.

  2. Anonymous

    Planned incompetence, but incompetence nonetheless.
    Or perhaps outright evil.

  3. Peg

    I guess this is just something else that appears to be beyond his pay grade.

    So much seems to be……..

    • TheWizard

      Poor ol’ Obama. Out there trying to fight for the common man, but the obstacles are just too great.
      Somewhere Jimmy Carter is bewildered how a second term could happen.

  4. “AWARE” ?
    Every time they can vote as often as possible especially the same day.
    A class guy
    Well worn good guy
    Asked us to help him
    All thoughts rejected voter fraud
    Expect the same if we do not FOLEY

  5. Gnawbone

    I think releasing criminal illegal aliens is a great idea. I’m encouraging our governor to release all of ours here in Indiana and bus them to downtown Washington DC.