You can sell your house or you can stick a great big price tag on it to impress your friends


331 Round Hill

331 Round Hill

331 Round Hill Road first hit the market 722 days ago in 2010, when it was priced at $4.2 million. It sold today for $1.9


5 Keofferam rd

5 Keofferam rd

On the other hand, 5 Keofferam Road in Old Greenwich took 200+ days to receive an accepted offer, even though, in my opinion it was fairly priced at $3.395.  So sometime the right price is a necessary but not sufficient condition. The wrong price, however, just kills all possibility of sale.


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22 responses to “You can sell your house or you can stick a great big price tag on it to impress your friends

  1. ShedLessToolMan

    Is it just me or does $1.9 seem like a good deal for that land? the house was too close to the road and would need to be moved back.. so, land value.. and there is plenty of architectural salvage value in that place in the way of old wood plank floors and such as the house is very old.. 4 acres and the pool is nice.. and it is not far from the merritt.. far enough to avoid noise but not so far as to be inconvenient for driving.. seems like a deal, am I missing something here?


    • $1.9 for four acres is a good price, I agree. If it had been priced at, say, $2.5 originally, it would probably have sold for close to that amount. Instead, all these years later, the owner lost and the buyer did very well.

    • BeenThere

      All old homes are built close to the road but this this is well screened so you really don’t see it. Owner turned bedroom level into a huge master suite and small guest so it’s a little different.

      • It’s a very nice house, and I understand that the buyers, a young family, intend to keep it. So if you figure $1.9 for four acres on Round Hill Road is cheap, which I do, then they get a free house to live in. Great deal.

  2. The New Normal

    331 RHR is a bargain at 1.9mm – below assessment

  3. Slapped Ass.

    I would never list any of my properties with a Realtor who posts smack on his blog or any other blog about my property, my asking price or my private life. I guess the only thing worse than a lawyer is a lawyer who now sells real estate. Outside of being a crack dealer or a whore, being a has been lawyer and a real estate hawker are the two of the worse professions available. You have the distinction of combining both into one convenient package.

  4. Anonymous

    You loved 331 Round Hill when it was first listed.

  5. ShedLessToolMan

    ouch.. slappedass. sounds like you should take your readership elsewhere.. I wonder why you even pay attention, read anything hear or bother to comment? could it be they you actually do care? and the CF actually provides you with color and reality that perhaps you were not emotionally prepared to handle for some reason?

    I for one am glad this blog exists.. counterpoint..

  6. anon

    welcome back slapped ass; you haven’t been around for a long time. as a matter of fact, I thought you got kicked off at some point;

    slapped, alot of the old gang is gone; shed and other boring realtors here rule the conversation. it’s nice to have a good old snark around for old time sake. don’t go anywhere.

  7. ShedLessToolMan

    anon, I do not rule any conversation at all.. just a routine participant.. but, it is interesting to observe human nature on this blog with respect to real estate.. most here have an impact whether direct or indirect and have circumstances affecting their financial future and past.. We all carry emotional baggage from both strengths/weaknesses and victories/defeats .. I have seen readers here lash out by whining, threatening to sue for slander, written equivalent of yelling etc.. we are all big boys and girls and every posting or comment is bound to affect us in a positive or negative way depending if it is our property, a similar property, highway noise, we are trying to sell a house under water, we are trying to buy in a certain price range, we are a frustrated broker overpricing our own supply, etc..

    some here are buyer’s brokers and some are seller’s brokers.. some here are renters and some owners.. some are from cos cob and others from belle haven.. some are holding cash ready to buy and others are sitting on property ready to move.. we got them all here.. a great diverse sampling of everyone in the real estate population

    let’s all just face reality like adults and realize some things work in our favor and others do not just as everything else in life.. CF is really just the messenger.. a voice of reality that is sometime a hard pill to swallow..


    • Walt

      I just want to know what his problem is with whores. I will give him the crack dealers, but there is NO WAY lawyers or professional dirt sellers outclass whores. Let’s at least be fair and realistic about this. At BEST it’s a tie, and that is a real stretch.

  8. ShedLessToolMan


    honestly, half the time I tune in here just to read your comments as I find your humor side splitting and refreshing.. I wish you would start a spin-off blog!.. I am not sure how old or gay of a TV reference to use as a possible TV spinoff blog name but, either “Joanie loves Waltie” or possibly “VanderWalt Rules”.. .

  9. Anonymous

    i couldn’t take walt in full dose. he’s like that betty white old people comedy show, where they dupe unsuspecting folks. funny in a singular scene or two, but for a full half hour? no, it gets old & tiring.

  10. Anon

    Beautiful house and property. Not sure how busy Round Hill Road is up there, but not a lot of spots to ride bikes or take a walk. You need to make sure your 3 and 5 year old kids do not decide to sneak out and take a walk when you are not looking. Happened to us a few times but our street is quiet so our escapees were unharmed, So so location for kids – hence the big discount.