Sale Price reported

21 Indian Head Rd

21 Indian Head Rd

21 Indian Head Road, $3.750 million. Good house, but I’m a little frustrated, because when it came on a year ago at $4.7, I told a client who was interested in it to wait until it dropped a million. By the time it did, we’d moved on.

Off to open houses, to see what else has been overpriced.


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7 responses to “Sale Price reported

  1. Anonymous

    RBS paid no bonuses today.

    • Anonymous

      Just read that even though posting a multi-billion dollar loss (that makes 5 years in a row), they still DID pay out over 600 million euros in bonuses today.

  2. Anonymous

    5 Arnold St, Old Greenwich sold $1,025,000 warranty deed, Havemeyer Park looking good, for the low end……

    • Riverside Chick

      This is going to be the new “Hot” area. Havemeyer area is going to look like Hearthstone by the end of the summer.

  3. The New Normal

    they are owned by the UK govt – even if they did pay bonuses, they would be diminimus