I have no idea, nor do I want to know, who was the top

Come here, you little bitch!

Come here, you little bitch!

Naked woman arrested for having sex with a pit bull. What Helen Thomas was doing with a naked woman beats me.


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10 responses to “I have no idea, nor do I want to know, who was the top

  1. Inagua

    Then there is the Connecticut State Representative from New London who said to a 17-year old female intern, “If you’re bashful I got a snake sitting under my desk here.”


  2. anon

    it’s probably the only time a pit bull was happy to be taken to animal control.

    glad this woman clarified she was bipolar. I knew she was bi-something, polar wasn’t the word that came to mind.

    In ObamaWorld, she will get help for her condition and the dog will be put down.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    So the dog gave her the bone? Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around? And from the look of her, the dog got the short end of the stick:

    Scroll down and you can see the poor dog. He is pretty normal looking.
    This is animal cruelty.
    Your Pal,

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    And why am I being moderated again? Did I cross the line? What line? Are you back on your censorship crusade? ADOLPH!!

    Did you assign me a Nazi avatar? To piss off the Jews? Do you not want me to make fun of your new dog banging sweetheart? TELL ME!!

    You power crazed control freak.

    Your Pal,

    • Walt, the ONLY word I have set the moderator feature to jump on is “Nazi” – it keeps the liberal trolls out. Yet somehow, with uncanny cunning, you’ve managed to hit the Nazi tripwire twice in a row. I mat reset the damn thing but until I do, feel free to either eschew the word or put aside your primal need for instant gratification for just a few moments.

      • Walt

        Dude –
        OK. I got it. Nazi is a forbidden word that no one can ever say. So instead of using Nazi, let’s call it the “N Word” instead. Then no one will ever say Nazi.

        Then we can speak in code, rather than use an offensive adjective that we are too immature to handle. Even when not used as a racial slur. You lily white, bony assed WASP.

        And we can pretend that when we say the “N Word” it is totally different than saying Nazi, and also pretend we all don’t say Nazi in our heads!! Even though you used the politically correct “N Word”.

        Brilliant I say!! Let’s just pretend the word doesn’t exist!! That is ALWAYS the best way to deal with a problem. Pretend!! I like it!! Problem solved!!

        You frigging N word fascist.
        Your Pal,

        • No no, I had the filter on (since removed to accommodate you) because of the Nazi rule of all online commentary, which holds that when comments are unmoderated, someone will call someone else a Nazi within six comments. It really speaks to the degeneration of comments as they increase, but never mind – you go ahead as you please, you friggin’ Nazi.

        • Cos Cobber

          CF, are you done talking to yourself…shesh.

  5. Rivman

    This is not a puppy love…

  6. CatoRenasci

    One begins to understand why Old Mother Hubbard was so attached to her poor dog….