And four more accepted offers

7 Hendrie Lane, Old Greenwich, 36 and 19 Montgomery, Cos Cob, and 59 Upland in (almost) Greenwich proper.

Views of Chez de la Fountaine, no extra charge

Views of Chez de la Fountaine, no extra charge

It’s good to see 7 Hendrie go off to a buyer because it’s a creek neighbor of mine, with inferior views, so its final, successful asking price of $2.395 million is encouraging. It started off at $2.650 but much as I’d have cheered a sale at that price, wasn’t very likely.

19 Montgomery tried $4.750, came down to $4.495.

36 Montgomery

36 Montgomery

36 Montgomery is that failed spec house, another one of the Tsoi fiascos, that was priced all over the place, from as high as $8.950 million (absolutely insane) to $5.490 (also stupid) to, finally, and after foreclosure, $3.295. Patriot had $3.4 in debt on the place but the current seller bought the paper at a discount, so I’m sure they’ll make out. Okay house in many respects but up a very steep driveway, a master bedroom suite that was impossibly small and failed fixtures in very bath – don’t know whether Tsoi bought knockoffs of name brands down in Chinatown or what, but there’s something wrong when this much brass goes bad. Anything under $3 million is probably a decent buy here.

59 Upland

59 Upland

59 Upland Road sold for $3.6 million in 2007, was asking $3.295 this time around.


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8 responses to “And four more accepted offers

  1. Accolay

    What’s your opinion on 191 Otter Rock? Belle Haven $$$

    • There are people who really like Belle Haven and are willing to pay a premium to live there, and then there are others who don’t, and won’t. You need to ask someone in the first camp.

  2. Anonymous

    seems being featured in greenwich magazine helps 19 Montgomery sell. lol. a house without features

  3. Is Montgomery really in Cos Cob or Greenwich?

    • Montgomery

      Zip is 06830

      • And I suppose I should know exactly what that means … CF seem to imply in his heading that is was Cos Cob but looks like Greenwich. Not that it matters in terms of anything other than perceived status and therefore the price.

  4. Anonymous

    What do you think of 19 Montgomery Lane? If it sells for around $4.1 or so, is that a decent deal?

    • Anonymous

      guess this anonymous is the buyer! lol. personally, i think that location is not supreme , the house itself doesn’t have many specs. i think high 3s will be reasonable.