Barbecue comes to Riverside, and it’s very good

Bobby O's Pit StopRiverside native Bob LeRose has teamed up with his cousin Joey Boucher, who recently ran Joey B’s diner in Cos Cob, to open Bobby O‘s Q’s Pit Stop (the link they provide goes to an auto supply shop in California, so you’ll have to wait for that to be straightened out). I’m a big fan of barbecue so I was pleased to notice this new establishment on the Post Road where Moe’s Burger Joint was and I swung in to try it.

Turned out, Friday was opening day, but everything was up and humming, including the genuine smoker in the back of the store (the stacked hickory wood in the window is not, as I’d feared, a stage prop, but actual fuel for an actual smoker). I had their pulled pork sandwich, which consisted of a huge portion of very good, moist (a lot of commercial establishments dry the stuff out) shredded pork on a great roll – not a mere hamburger bun, but a roll that was a treat in itself. Coleslaw was okay – I like my own better, but this is far better than the stuff that’s usually served at commercial establishments – and beans and rice weren’t bad at all.

They serve ribs, chicken, even burgers and hot dogs that I’ve heard are terrific  but when I returned Saturday I ordered another pulled pork sandwich, it was that good. I’ll expand to ribs next time.

As noted, I couldn’t get their website address to work, but they’re located at 1340 East Putnam Avenue (across from Taco Bell, famed purveyor of horse meat to the Queen) and their number is (203) 990-0606. Mostly takeout, but some limited seating. Pleasant people, great food. Very much worth the trip ( but they’re closed Mondays, so don’t make that trip today).

UPDATE: A reader corrects me: the name is Bobby Q’s and the website (not the one on the menu, but …) for the establishment in Westport is here.


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23 responses to “Barbecue comes to Riverside, and it’s very good

  1. Anonymous

    Great to see Joe landed somewhere else. Big fan of the old Joey B’s!

  2. Cobra

    Comparable to Will Morton’s?

    • The barbecue yes, I think so, but Will also took all those interesting excursions into Cordon Bleu land – this place is more limited. But it’s a barbecue joint, for heavens sake (they do offer “beer can chicken”, which is so simple to make that no one could screw it up, so I’m sure that’s a tasty alternative).

  3. RaisedinRiverside

    Is that where Mo’s burger place used to be? I loved those burgers… but glad to see a real BBQ place in town.

    • It is indeed where Moe’s was. And I agree – Moe’s had a great burger, but we have have had no decent barbecue in town, until now, so I’ll gladly accept the replacement.

  4. D

    Did Will Morton’s close? Thought I saw it gone last time I drove by…

  5. Looks like it might actually be called Bobby Q’s, not Bobby O’s. Might explain your difficulty getting the website to work.

  6. Al Dente

    I used to love the Chili dogs at Joey B’s. Yum!

  7. pulled up in OG

    Not the GT paywall, It’s a chain. Hit the Googley.

  8. Mr H

    Bobby Qs has been open/operating for years up in Westport. If memory serves me right, the founder is from Kansas City (where the greatest bbq in the world obviously comes from!). The Mrs. and I did make it on Saturday and I can confirm this is solid stuff although wait times were pushing 30 minutes. Combined with Dino BBQ opening in Stamford, we are finally getting some decent bbq options.

  9. Anonymous

    Thanks for the heads up!

    Bar Q in Port Chester is very good as well, FYI.

  10. Anonymous

    what happened to Moe’s? Didn’t sell enough burgers? They were good.

    • It was owned by the same guy who has the Mexican joints on the Greenwich/Cos Cob border and Railroad Avenue, so perhaps he just decided to focus his attention on those. On the other hand, I went into Moe’s last fall and they couldn’t cook anything because the gas had been turned off for lack of payment, so its closing a few months later wasn’t a surprise. That’s always been a tough retail location.

  11. Cobra

    Ate the “pork burnt ends” at the Westport joint…truly excellent!

  12. Greenwich Gal

    Mr.H – I would say that the people from the great states of Texas, North Carolina and Tennessee might have an issue with your statement…

  13. AJ Nock

    Not a good time to open a BBQ place IMO. Dinosaur BBQ in Stamford just packing them in. Their food is great. It will be hard for a small joint to compete against them. But I wish them luck. There is another BBQ place in downtown Stamford…Bar Q (?) that has burnt ends. Fantastic when the have them available. The rest of their BBQ is ok but nothing special. Go for the burnt ends.

    • For some reason, retailers at the location where BobbyQ’s has set anchor has never done well, but I hope this proves the exception. It’s a treat to have good barbecue in eastern Greenwich (for those of us in eastern Greenwich, certainly) and I really prefer not to travel to Stamford or Port Chester to get my fix. If they don’t succeed here, it won’t be for lack of my patronage.

  14. Anonymous

    Bar Q in Stamford is owned by the same owner as Bobby Qs in Westport. So now he has three establishments I guess.

  15. Mr H

    Greenwich Gal…I was hoping to antagonize a few southerners with that statement! Having grown up in KC, gone to school in Texas and creating my own bbq sauces at home for years, I think each state has contributed a unique style, which when executed well make them hard to rank.

    Chris…overhead must be cheap as the shop is small so I suspect it won’t take a whole lot of patronage to keep them open, although I do agree with AJ that Dino is the place really killing it right now.

  16. Anonymous

    Bar Q owner also owns Kneaded Bread just down the street.

    If you’ve never been, you owe it to yourself to see what they offer on a nice relaxing Saturday morning.

    Chocolate brioche….wow.