Gun meetup in Stamford at 6 tonight

With little (8 hours) notice, our state reps have scheduled a “town meeting” tonight in Stamford (115 Vine Road, Library, off of High Ridge, beginning at 6:00pm. Judging from emails I’ve seen, the anti-gun people will be there as well as gun owners. I probably won’t go, just because I’ve never seen anything particularly useful come out of these things, and I already how I’ll vote in the next election: Floren, who boasts of her “F” rating from the NRA, will not be getting my support, and I’ll toss the others overboard if they vote for any form of new gun control, no matter how watered down – I’ve decided that I will henceforth be a one issue voter, and this seems a good place to start.

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11 responses to “Gun meetup in Stamford at 6 tonight

  1. firsttimebuyer

    Interesting meeting. The pro-gun group was too considerate, never interrupting while being cut off constantly by angry crowd.

  2. hmmm

    ftb you sound surprised…never expect anything less from the tolerant left

  3. hmmm

    vote for anyone but a republican…the simple fact is that you do not know what you get when voting for a republican and that can be a scarey thing.

  4. firsttimebuyer

    hmmm – are those two hmmm’s above the same people? Senator Frantz was impressive tonight. The only scary thing in the room were the angry liberals.

    • hmmm

      yes they are.

      let’s see how they vote…every republican in hartford should vote no on the omnibus bill, they should demand all of the items be separated into individual bills otherwise they should let the dems own it.

      the omnibus bill is a sham

  5. Libertarian Advocate

    I went too. There is an awful lot of willful ignorance on current gun law here in CT. Much of the meeting centered on the catastrophic state of CT’s finances, yet the anti gun set seem to live in the delusion that things will continue on without even a hiccup, because, we’ll, others are paying the freight. Scott Frantz did try to make it clear that those carrying far more than their fair share of the revenue contributions to the state are growing weary of that burden at an ever accelerating pace and are now or soon will relocate to friendlier fiscal and weather jurisdictions.

    Then what proggies?

    • anony

      We relocated “to friendlier fiscal and weather jurisdictions” last year. We moved to Austin and bought a comparable sized, central Austin home on half acre with a pool with 1/3rd the property taxes of our Fairfield County home. No income taxes and everyone has a gun, or ten, in Texas, too. heaven…..

      Come on down!

  6. Libertarian Advocate

    Now a one issue voter? So you’re becoming the mirror image of the hysterical progressive white female voter whose entire being is vested in abortion “rights”? Me too.