The airport’s buzzin’


Nope, much too large - I'm taking this one home for further examination

Nope, much too large – I’m taking this one home for further examination

TSA baggage handlers search luggage for dildos, vibrators and other sex toys, leave personal notes when they find them. It must be working: there hasn’t been a single report of a plane highjacking committed with a dildo (possibly because the TSA imposes a 7″ limit on the weapons – who do you suppose was paid to sit around and decide on the maximum allowable length of a dildo?).


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4 responses to “The airport’s buzzin’

  1. Medicare Solution

    I wish TSA employees looked like this!

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    Anything longer that 7 inches gets re-routed to the White House, DOJ, and Chicago City Hall for extensive testing?

  3. Anonymous

    How about semi automatic vs automatic dildos?

  4. armonk

    Not getting through with the Doc Johnson Jumbo Jack Man O’ War!