Maybe they can travel to Caracas instead

GHS Band’s trip to Cuba cancelled due to failure to get travel visas from the US government. Not to worry; although they’re missing a chance to celebrate the triumphs of communist rule, they’ve gained a valuable educational lesson in how government bureaucracies (don’t) work.

Tourists don’t need special permission from Obama to visit Venezuela, so perhaps the commie sympathizers over on Hillside Road can get the kids down south in time to join the marching bands mourning the passing of Latin America’s latest billionaire, Hugo. Sean Penn will be there, why not our kids?


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14 responses to “Maybe they can travel to Caracas instead

  1. CatoRenasci

    So Yoon wanted to take the band to Cuba! Who knew he was a commie!

  2. Think flags will be at half staff in USA ?

  3. The Duke of Deception

    The Duke has met a number of Venezualians — 80% are assholes…

  4. Libertarian Advocate

    Just wait till Buffy and Biff learn junior will be visiting a country where the capital city Caracas boasts a murder rate of 53 souls per day.

    That’ll go over well.

  5. Shoeless

    Apparently, the trip is only postponed til next year. The siren song is much too strong to turn away completely.

  6. Cos Cobber

    As usual the Gwich Time missed a great juxtaposition here. Instead of going to Communist Cuba – one of the least free nations in the world, band camp will head to Busch Gardens Williamsburg VA to take their frustrations out on the rides?

    This group should go to Busch Gardens but park their travel bus in front of the park four a week and be forced to watch everyone else steam in and out of the park while they remain stuck on the bus. Their bus will represent Havanna and gate to Busch Gardens will represent Miami. Any dissidents on the bus will be jailed. Any one who creates will create property for the benefit of the Band Teacher (he’ll represent Castro). Enjoy the romance.

  7. Libertarian Advocate

    Cos Cobber: Good idea! We could even get a film crew on board the bus too to turn it all into an unreality show.

  8. Cos Cobber

    You know LA, I really shouldn’t post after 9pm. What a mess I made in that last post. Four instead of for, steam instead of stream….

  9. I am still amazed that there was nary a peep from students or parents when the GHS Band scheduled a trip to play in Cuba. How about a Band trip to play at memorial sites dedicated to those Americans who lost their lives defending the freedoms that our students enjoy?
    Valley Forge,Gettysburg, or any of the many military cemeteries in Europe where Americans died defending freedom in WWs 1&2…
    I have met John Yoon, the GHS Band director, and he is a very nice guy who is dedicated to the musicianship of his students. I wonder if he and the GHS administration would be amenable to a rethinking of this trip? its quite sad that all involved seem oblivious to the gross human rights violations that are an everyday reality in Cuba.

    • Oh we had quite a discussion on the subject here, back in the early fall when the trip was first announced. FWIW readers – surprise! – were pretty solidly against it.