Wasted ad placement

rationing-405x248Saw this posted on a libertarian political website – apparently the algorithm that places ads on the internet isn’t up to the nuances of various right wing nutter sites.

—– A Message from American Sugar Alliance —–

U.S. sugar policy ensures homegrown supplies, instead of depending on unreliable imports, as we did in 1942 when sugar was rationed. Support food security. Support sugar policy.

As the product of public education, my knowledge of American history is mostly limited to a vague sense of the oppression we white rulers inflicted on women and people of color, but I seem to recall hearing about something else happening in 1942 other than sugar rationing, and I wonder whether there’s more to the story of than just the failure of the government to protect growers’ profits.

Probably not.

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  1. Cut the Shugar Out

    Early Bloomberg program to forestall obesity 1942 to 1947
    Look around, who are the fatties?