Can’t be right all the time


4 Old Camp - who knew?

4 Old Camp – who knew?

4 Old Camp Road, $1.595 million, has an executed contract just 14 days after returning to the market. I saw it at its open house because I had clients in its price range and dismissed it as unsuitable. The land is rock, the house didn’t seem to be in great shape and the price didn’t strike me as likely to produce a buyer in a hurry. Not so. Apparently the buyer was able to see past the clothes and boxes strewn about the place and liked it enough to buy it. That’s what makes a horse race.

119 Lockwood Road (link above has all three listings discussed here) is also under contract. Asking price, $2.795. Like Old Camp Road, I see the lack of inventory at work here.

And 36 Montgomery Lane, reported as having an accepted offer just two days ago, now has a busted deal and is back on the market. $3.295, asking price.

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  1. pulled up in OG

    Lockwood assmnt – 40% of ask.

    Never mind the straitjacket, get the cuffs.