Okay, then no won can pway at my house

I'm gwanna wock myself in my woom and you cwant come in!

I’m gwanna wock myself in my woom and you cwant come in!

Miffed at the public’s failure to notice his sequester, the president of the United States closes the house he’s occupying to its owners. No tours, because he’s had to furlough all those Secret Service agents. Imagine the media’s reaction had Bush played this petulant little game. But for the Messiah,silence.

The man is pathetic.


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18 responses to “Okay, then no won can pway at my house

  1. Libertarian Advocate

    It’s still early and words are failing me here. Classless narcissistic douchebag is the most accurate I can presently muster.

  2. But wanna bet any secret service agents who go along on the President’s golf outings are assured of keeping their job.

  3. Anonymous

    These games played by the administration are all about 2014. The man needs the House to flip left in order to complete his transformation of the country to his socialist ideal. Therefore, he needs the public to feel pain so he can blame the Republicans for his sequester idea. He doesn’t give 2 sh*ts about governing the country – he is now on a 24×7 campaign – he also realized during the last election debates that he can lie through his teeth and no one will call him out on it. So by campaigning, he and his cabinet can BS the nation. Sec of Ed can say that W.V. teachers have recieved pink slips, Sec of Homeland Sec can state that TSA will cause long lines at airport and that she had to release a few thousand prosioners, and Obama says that janitors are getting paycuts – all lies.

    We are truly F*ed. I feel hopeless for this nation as we pile on debt with no end in site. Sometimes I think he is a deep cover spy for China/Soviets whose mission is to destroy the U.S.

    • We were at JFK last night, landing from out of the country at 9pm. The line through immigration was Disneyesque but to the credit of the government workers, close to twenty windows were open and the line went licketty-split. I got the feeling that the agents were not about to be the pawn of Obama’s need to campaign this sequester away and were going to prove the airports will run smoothly despite his dour prediction. As a matter of fact, we got through immigration and customs faster last night than any other time I can remember.

  4. 60 billion wasted in iraq

    cbs reports insurgents blew up most of the water filter plants, elecrtricity facilitiues that contractors built . little or nothing to show for 60 billion.

  5. Cobra

    Aren’t the tour guides at the WH mostly, if not all, volunteers?

    • They are indeed, but there is a small group of Secret Service agents on hand to keep a watchful eye on things and it is those people Obama has transferred to Arizona to supervise the unleashing of criminal aliens on the citizenry.

  6. Front Row Phil

    I found the whole thing so laughable it caused me think “Gee, if this is the big harm caused by sequestration, no big deal. Let’s have more ” In effect, petty BS games like this shoot the administration in the foot. Meanwhile, I’ve been waiting for the media to trot out the sob stories of neglected infants and widows — but haven’t seen any. Is it possible those stories don’t exist?

  7. SNL had a very funny sequester skit that actually disses the president. The actor portraying Obama says ”I really have no idea how money works or how budgets work.” Love it.

  8. Cobra

    This lays out the debt ceiling issue pretty well: