Testing the waters?

36 Highview Ave

36 Highview Ave

36 Highview Avenue, a 1900 structure purchased for $1,601,000 (bidding war!) in 2004 and subsequently renovated, is new to the market today at $2.595 million. Hmm. It’s true that one other house on Highview has broken the $2 million mark: #33 sold for $2.525 just this past June, but that was a home built in 2008; generally, buyers prefer new to renovated. The highest price on the street for one of these older homes was around $1.6.

But obviously, we’ll see. Quarter acre, detached garage. Your call.


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12 responses to “Testing the waters?

  1. Anonymous

    bad link

  2. Anonymous

    Is it worth $20,000 per year in taxes?

  3. Sound Beacher

    O/T This story ran in the Advocate but not in the GT, thoujght you find it of interest.

  4. happy

    taxes look like $9k on the listing

  5. Cos Cobber

    I like the interior styling of this home…. a bit of a stretch at this price however given the detached garage…..but still, great style with the interior.

  6. bobby

    I think it’ll go very quickly……quiet street, no flooding, near OG village, great interiors…..& No, Im not a realtor, or related to this listing in any way! it’s just difficult to replicate that look with a remodel for that number, and you def can’t build new…..

  7. Anonymous

    Bobby – I agree with you. Very difficult in today’s market to find a vintage home which looks from the pictures to be in great condition. This is the type of home builders usually buy and tear down. Finally someone decided to renovate instead of tearing down. Would like to see more of these on the market but you just can’t find them any more. Good luck to the Owners – looks like it could be good value.

  8. OG Gal

    2.6 for a home with small bedrooms (notice how they only pictured 3 of those supposed 5 bedrooms). The other two must be closet sized as they are in many homes of that age. Only 2.5 total bathrooms. Does it have a finished basement? If not, the house seems small for a family with several children. Kitchen and Master bathroom very nice but not sure it’s worth 1 million more than was paid in 2004. And Highview is not a quiet street. I live in OG and use it as a cut through several times a day. But good luck to the owners and potential buyers. Does anyone else feel like OG and Riverside are experiencing another bubble… a bubble that will burst at some point? I would rather be in mid country myself. It’s noisy here. Dogs barking and children screaming at 6AM. No thanks!! If they get this price, I will put my house up for sale and move!

  9. happy

    I think people move to OG and Riverside because they like kids and dogs. 3300sq/ft is a generous house by most standards. I don’t think it’s possible to find a renovated house in OG for under 3 – and it doesn’t flood, and you can walk to the elementary school (with your kids and dogs). Houses are selling like crazy around me (in OG). My impression is that the pent up demand is finally shaking some things loose. This should be a very exciting spring real estate season.

  10. Russell Pruner

    Chris – Russ here. I invite you to come see this home and then let us all know what you think. it must be tough to write about listing before you at least see them, don’t you think. BOH this Thursday. Hope to see you there.

    • Gee, Russ, I thought I supplied a pretty neutral description, precisely because I haven’t seen it – House, price, highest sales price on street, period. Free publicity. But I’ll certainly stop by and actually view it next Thursday.