Well this is discouraging


And in six years, son, when your permit application clears, you can give up retrieving and shoot these yourself

And in six years, son, when your permit application clears, you can give up retrieving and shoot these yourself

Many Connecticut gun owners are as hysterical and misinformed as their non-gun-owning peers. I can understand the 48% ‘s ignorance about 10-capacity magazines: if you’re not a target shooter, you probably don’t realize why you’d want one, but “85 percent, including 71 percent of gun owners, back a permit requirement to purchase and carry all guns”?! That’s a provision designed to stop hunting.

Hunters already must complete a ten-hour (or more, it’s been a while since I taught such things) that cover both law and gun safety, now they are to be required to spend the hundreds of dollars and endless delays in getting a carry permit? I suppose, being an eastern state, Connecticut is as hostile to hunting as it is to gun ownership itself, but those 71% of gun owners who support this idea might want to consider where much of the support for their Second Amendment rights come from. If you eliminate the hunters, and this extra burden will certainly go far in discouraging new nimrods, you’re just cutting your own throat. We can hang together or separately, as Ben Franklin once pointed out.


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  1. AJ

    ‘Big Sis Ignores Question On Domestic Arms Build-Up
    Are huge tank like vehicles destined for police use?’
    MSM portrays DHS purchase of 2 billion rounds of ammo as conspiracy theory.


  2. Mickster

    This is even more discouraging – your average gun owner…http://www.businessinsider.com/walmart-shopper-alleged-gun-threat-2013-3

  3. Libertarian Advocate

    What’s with the constant linking to Henry Blodgett’s crappy website?

  4. D

    My wife is getting her permit before they change the rules. Definitely still a 10 hour, $150 class – plus additional fees pushes the whole process to ~$400 with finger printing and recommendation letters. Completely ridiculous and designed to keep poor people from exercising their rights. Very sad to read the stat on gun owners…

  5. PA

    That poll cannot be accurate. It shows total sample of only 42/38 for favoring how Malloy is handling gun issue and gun owners against Malloy on issue generally 44/53 but then somehow gun owners favor most of Malloy’s proposals for new restrictions on guns? Seems skewed to the liberal side. Not sure all who self reported as gun owners really are. And only 27% reported living in a home with gun which does not square with any real statistics or the records on recent gun sales in this state.

    • kc

      A little off the topic, perhaps, but, only on the basis of personal experience, I have to wonder about the overall validity of polls these days. How many people are willing and eager to share their personal opinions on politics, the culture and what they may or may not have in their homes with total strangers on the phone? It just seems to me that some folks won’t participate at all and others are increasingly guarded in their responses. The likelihood that there is a specific demographic which loves to converse with the survey takers must skew the results even further. I guess the statisticians can explain how this is all taken into account and maybe it is but I thought PA raised an interesting issue.

  6. End hunting movement led by whom ?
    Tick lovers ?
    Goose worshippers ?
    Or the scientific analysis dependent budget brockers who run government programs to solve the threat they created…..
    Look out you window, look at BET Budget…..

  7. BTW I like my lieady to step on my little buddy who shows up, he is clearly ready and able to step on his own tounge too….
    Silence causes more self inflicted pain than tounge stepping…..