Accepted offer, Old Greenwich

141 Sound Beach Ave

141 Sound Beach Ave

141 Sound Beach Avenue, asking $1.650 million, gone in five days. Good house, not a location I’d consider spending $1.650 million to live in, just because of the Sound Beach Avenue traffic, but that’s just a personal reaction. Can’t beat the convenience, with ice cream, a bar and the train station directly across the street. The kids can grow fat on Chubby Wubby Pecan Delight while Mom sees Hubby off to work and then retires to Mackenzie’s for a couple or three morning pick-me-ups. Not that a Greenwich family would do that, naturally, I’m just pointing out that they could.


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19 responses to “Accepted offer, Old Greenwich

  1. anon

    If it was just listed five days ago, how did they get that nice picture with flowers, blue sky, and leaves on the trees? File footage?

  2. shoeless

    bad link

  3. puled up in OG

    Buyer’s in for a rude awakening unless he’s a bridge demolisher/rebuilder.

  4. puled up in OG

    Three? : )

    Woulda made a nice DOT field office instead of some trailers in the parking lot.

  5. Riverside Chick

    Off topic- What’s your favorite cocktail?

  6. LAK

    I would do it!!

  7. Riverside Chick

    3 years means 6 – yikes!! Beach traffic might get brutal!!!

  8. AndyD

    Town planner said one lane will remain open the whole time, lets hope that is the case. Also they plan on routing traffic down RivAve to Summit. Too bad large trucks can’t make that turn and will have to stay on RivAve and go by my house. They also claim sound beach construction won’t overlap with Lockwood bridge construction as that would be a nightmare at st. Cath church.

  9. Anonymous

    Don’t forget about the Lockwood over i95 bridge
    That is slated to start in April won’t be completed till Nov.30
    That’s 3 main feeds into riverside / og soon to be shut down. Wow.

  10. Anonymous

    That brown one comments is a little much. Do you need to pick on someone’s skin color/race? I appreciate your anti-establishment stance but you should really drop the whole racist references…seems so unamerican.

    • You don’t get it, but that’s okay. The phrase goes all the way back to George Bush the First, who used it to refer – lovingly – to his grandchildren, the product of his son’s marriage to a South American, and resurfaced here, used ironically, during various discussions of the Byram pool and the patronizing tone of some of the pool’s wealthiest supporters who, most FWIW readers felt, were unlikely to spend much tim down there themselves.

      • Anonymous

        I thought it was more of a reference to Caddy Shack.
        Public pool, too many people, little kid gets excited…snickers bar?
        Did anyone else see caddy shack?
        (little brown ones)
        When i think of Byram pool, I think more disgusting water/sewage etc than anything else.

        Chris, we had an accepted offer last week, and my rookie negotiating skills had me move up more than the seller moved down. So, we reach a number…blahblahblah And then came the inspection.
        Two hours later I had drafted a pretty scathing letter about the property, its condition and the lack of upkeep….and finished the letter by removing my offer….Just yesterday the sellers agent reaches out to our agent and basically pleads us to reconsider…
        Here I thought we were going toe to toe with another offer..turns out ours was the prettiest one in the room by a mile!
        I replied, thank you, but no thank you…the problems we found would take more than 5 days to repair…We are exploring other opportunities…blah blah blah..

        thank you foolish sellers & goodnight.

        Tips for anyone selling a home:
        Remove the mold
        Make sure everything you said worked, works
        Change the filters in the HVAC –I found a few flattened little brown ones inside the system
        If a tree hits the house and you do a repair, you should probably repaint and throw away the excess wood (left from 4 months ago, tucked under the deck in disguise)
        And, if you have a bathroom, or two or three with showers, make sure those rooms have heat supply..
        And oh yeah, it there are live wires exposed from the driveway lighting system (home depot special) you might want to get that taken care of first.

        I apologize somewhat for my rant, but really? Was that their best foot forward.??