No open houses today

Fear of snow must have caused them to cancel. In the meantime, what little real estate news there is to report are two contracts, 20 Midbrook Lane, Old Greenwich, $1.045 ask, and 20 Winthrop, Riverside, $1.450 ask.

20 Midbrook Lane

20 Midbrook Lane

There’s not much to Midbrook but then, there’s not much to the $1 million inventory in Old Greenwich, so you take what you can get.

20 Winthrop DriveWood was reported as having an accepted offer back in late October and I don’t know the reason for the holdup between then and now, but the parties have entered into contract now, regardless of the reason for that time gap. Interesting to note that this same house sold for $1.525 back in 2002. It’s lower price now probably reflects that it was sold as a house back then and is valued only as land now. Or that’s my stab at an explanation.


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5 responses to “No open houses today

  1. Are journalists welcomed at Open Houses?

    • Not after I, with the listing agents’ permission, escorted a NYT reporter around the tour back in 2009 or so. The real estate community wasn’t at all amused by the results.

  2. D

    amazing how dead the $1M market is these days… when does the Spring market “end”?

  3. shoeless

    Know the folks who just bought Winthrop. Messy divorce on the other side. Dragged on for months. I think they plan to remodel down to the studs,

  4. Anonymous

    That’s a good deal and a smart approach to this property. $400k would go a long way on this house and you would end up with a newly renovated 3600sf house in a good neighborhood. This house has good bones so an open floor plan should be doable.