82 Glenville Rd

82 Glenville Rd

. 82 Glenville Road. Owners paid $3 million for it in 2002 and started off this time at $3.875. They didn’t get it. Just sold for $2.350.

Our market has improved over the dismal days of 2008-2011, but don’t mistake local hot spots for the entire Greenwich area. Like everything in life, “it depends’.


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6 responses to “Whack!

  1. Mickster

    That’s what you get when you overprice your listing – that was a steal – lucky buyers!

  2. Anonymous

    That’s tough. But then again so is the lot.

  3. Those buyers ARE lucky! A very attractive well built home and close to town while remaining secluded–not bad!

  4. T-bone

    This is a great house, if you ignore the giant, muddy pond out back.

  5. Must be missing something...

    It is a good deal, a well-built house, low maintenance, great yard if you do no really want one.

  6. Anonymous

    Seems like more of a case of the buyers grossly overpaying in 2002. 3mm for 5000sf on a highly marginal lot directly fronting glennville rd? WTF.