And we’re off!

Greenwich High School Music Hall

Greenwich High School Music Hall

The first bids for some of the construction costs of the Greenwich High Music Palace are in, and they’re 27% higher than originally predicted $29.3 million instead of $23. That’s not counting the costs of soil cleanup ($13-23 million), and the bids are for just 67% of the total cost (again excluding soil remediation).

The butcher’s bill is still growing, and we’ve hardly started.


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18 responses to “And we’re off!

  1. anon

    there are two careers i plan to tell my children to aspire to – weather forecasters and construction job bidders. in both cases, you can be as wrong as rain and still be perceived as outstanding in your field. i bet if the town said “we have x$, do the job for that or it won’t happen”, the estimates would “unexpectedly” go down.

  2. pulled up in OG

    You tryin’ to make a point about the math program too?

    Or does Frankie figure all the commissions?

  3. Stanwich

    What a sham. $100 million so that some theater freaks can have a palace to tool around in. This was so unnecessary. What an effing waste of money.

  4. Maybe John Yoon can take the jazz band on a barnstorming, fundraising trip, since they sure aren’t going to Cuba…

  5. Anonymous

    Hmmmm, I wonder how do ALL the other towns in the country afford any type of construction or addition if those are the bids. It seems fishy to me. Even with higher labor costs, at those price there wouldn’t be any public buildings in smaller or poorer locations.

  6. Concerned citizen

    The 1 billion dollar auditorium!

  7. True Republican

    Where is the republican leadership to stop
    this? Tesei where are you?

    Stop running for re election and help!

    • anonymous

      I think Tesei is running for Mayor of Rose Italy.

    • Anonymous

      Good point. Can’t blame Fudrucker for this one.

    • Disgusted

      Another diehard republican here – and am totally angry that we are in this mess. Tesei brokered the last minute compromise to save misa. Can we get a mayor with a backbone please, who doesn’t bow to the glenville and coscob townies every time they have a great idea on how to spend our money? No donation to tesei campaign this time.

  8. anonymous

    Send all these artsy kids to Choate. Philanthropist Paul Mellon gave a very nice arts center there, it’s only an hour away, and the Greenwich High School kids’ combined tuition would cost less than the arts center amortized.

  9. Anonymous

    Why stop at the MISA project…

    how about the iPads for every student in the school system from kindergarten on—without having even basic bandwidth at all the schools to log on.

    And, until a “consultant” is hired does Dr. Superintendent realize this might be a constraint in gettting the project rolled out.

    Oh and now there is at least $6 million more needed that wasn’t previously described.

    And, yet, I certainly don’t see any remorse or anyone paying for the miscalculations….guess its because its OPM…

  10. MTA

    Before you get professionals involved….take your budget and double it. Then you will be in the ballpark of what it will actually cost. This is true of almost any project.

  11. Anonymous

    America is lawyered and consulted to death.

  12. Balzac

    Please don’t forget the $28 million construction costs on the Nathaniel Witherell- mustn’t every town own a nursing home? And that doesn’t include the Town’s payments to cover the Witherell’s operating losses, which are $1 million this fiscal year and [**SURPRISE**] $2.5 million, or twice what the Witherell board projected for next year…..