A cheery story to start the day

The other white meat

The other white meat

Animal rights protester pelted with chicken wings, tackled by food lovers.

He had planned to wave a placard outside the outlets for two days in a bid to deter customers but within hours he was forced to abandon the campaign after diners began hurling sachets of sauce, chicken wings and nuggets at him.

The final straw came when one diner punched him in the head and two men jumped from their car and rugby tackled him to the ground.

Mr Tyler, who did not suffer any injuries thanks to his 7ft tall chicken suit, was so shaken by the incident he has vowed not to return to the KFC in Trowbridge, Wilts.

“I was standing on a grass island outside the KFC so I was completely exposed. It was quite hard to see where the attacks were coming from because of the suit,” he said.

“I decided not to return the next day. When you are in a chicken costume you can’t do anything to defend yourself.” [there’s a lesson here, children – pay attention – Ed]

Mr Tyler is currently supporting Greenpeace’s Save the Arctic campaign and plans to protest in Bristol and Bath in the future.

It’s a start, but there’s still work to do, as evidenced by this world-wide attack on a small school trying to teach its pupils to grow piglets.

The ham starts right about here

The ham starts right about here

A village primary school has been plagued with hate mail from animal rights activists after launching a pig rearing scheme, it has been reported.

The tiny school in Suffolk, which has just 25 pupils, has been subjected to 400 complaints along with threatening emails from all over the world.

It started when the school’s scheme to help children learn about the origins of food was reported on a local TV news programme.

Ms Cook said: “We are being bombarded by nasty, vile calls and e-mail messages from all over the world, even America and Australia.”

She added: “Some of them are very threatening – things like I should be taken to a slaughterhouse. We are getting images of animals being killed or kept in cages – it is horrible. We are just trying to shield the children from it all but they have even threatened to demonstrate outside the school.”

The three pigs, crosses between Berkshire and Gloucester Old Spot pigs, are kept in a pen and fed and monitored by the children with the help of experts from Suffolk Smallholder Society, the Telegraph said.

They will be sent for slaughter in the summer.


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9 responses to “A cheery story to start the day

  1. kfc is a horrible name

    dave thomas owned 6 kfc in the 1960’s before starting wendys by 1972,

    the colonel would not even relate to all the indian franchise owners today

    • So how come our native welfare class can’t run a franchise, and it takes immigrants to do so? I once read a welfare worker explain why they tried so hard to get new immigrants working because “after three generations, they’re on welfare forever”. Yup.

  2. Balzac

    Today our pretend newspaper the Greenwich Time allows Andy Piascik (whoever he is) to demonstrate what it means to be a liberal: fact- and data-free, emotion-laden, intellectually arrogant, and exploiting the poor to justify a massive increase in government control of those who dare to make a living in the private sector:

    “…once-thriving blue-collar communities destroyed by the profit-driven decisions of the boards of General Electric…[Andy: Democrat Governor Dan Malloy and thousands of others might not agree that the presence of GE in our state is to be discouraged]… the utter bankruptcy of a system where the global super-rich have bled the people dry and now seek to gut what remains of the public sector…[apparently this assertion is so obvious no supporting data is needed] …The corporate assault on society of the last 40 years has been unrelenting and enormous in scale….[freed from the need for data, Andy’s claims can soar in grandiosity] We can instead say that we would be better off without the super-rich and that the road to a good living standard for all is away from capitalism..” [for Andy capitalism is a blight. This faslehood is an old one from Karl Marx, which has been disproved everywhere since he wrote it in 1848. Andy: Did you miss the largest social-economic mega-event of the last century: the utter failure and collapse of the anti-capitalist state and its pseudo-scientific rationale?]

    One word we don’t find in this blather: freedom.

    • Bridgeport Democrat whose previous writings have tied the Mexican War, Spanish American War, obama’s drone campaign and the Newtown massacre to American capitalism. Active in the now-defunct Occupy Wall Street street people’s movement.
      Did I mention he was a Democrat?

  3. Mark B.

    Mr. Tyler’s quite a nice young fellow, apparently. He had nothing damning to say about his attackers.
    Can you imagine if he was an American youth? His entire school would have brought in trauma counselors, and he would be in court for the next two years suing everyone involved in the “attack”‘ and several who weren’t …
    And he would get a brand new chicken suit.

  4. David Smith

    About the school and the pigs they are raising: Do you suppose it was a mistake to say the program was to teach children where food came from? Maybe it would have been better to phrase it as where food USED to come from?

  5. foodie

    you DO know that when michelle obama sat down with her press peeps and they said ‘hey, how about we plant a garden at the WH and you tell kids you actually like to garden and eat veggies”, they opted out of any further opportunity to really educate kids about farm life. Michelle doesn’t visit a pig slaughter house to tell the kiddies how that yummy bacon ends up on the table with the sunday pancakes or explain how fluffy feathery clucking chickens become buffalo wings, and how cute brown cows become juicy delicious steaks. kids who grow up on a farm have a real advantage in life for many reasons, but mostly because they understand what it is to raise animals then kill for a living. Farming: it’s what’s for dinner! 🙂

    • So do hunters. Maybe Michelle should borrow a .270 and hit the woods.

      • foodie

        great idea. michelle reminds me of the constipated bug avatar peg had. i think it would greatly improve her mood and visage if she did take a .270 and shoot a couple of big old bulls…and i don’t mean mccain!