Nothing like a good dose of public housing to take a neighborhood’s mind off synagogues

Cos Cob Manor

Cos Cob Manor

85, 87 and 89 Strickland Road sold to Greenwich Housing Authority.


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13 responses to “Nothing like a good dose of public housing to take a neighborhood’s mind off synagogues

  1. Anonymous

    Affordable housing for the Noel family?

  2. get in line

    you have to know somebody to get one of these-usually town retirees.

  3. even olgivy could not sell these

    nice view of underside of bridge and cluttered harbor-town now will spend millions tearing it down-there goes that block

  4. AJ

    Hey, that’s right across the street from the Cos Cob Yacht Club — a perfect spot to go sculling. Reserve me a spot, would you CF.

  5. Cos Cobber

    Anyone know the story on the two or three family units they are building next door to this site? It looks pretty decent all things considered.

  6. Balzac

    In today’s Journal, Washington Democrat Senator Patty Murray outlines her qualification to lead the budget discussion: “If you can have 24 four year olds in your room and get them all to sit down and sing the same song, you can do just about anything”. No worries: a former pre-school teacher is in charge.

    Does this remind you of the guy who was a community organizer in South Chicago? His claim to fame was that he got the asbestos out of a housing project.

  7. Riverside Chick

    Don’t you have to work for the Town of Greenwich to be eligible?

  8. dogwalker

    Someone is in the process of building/rebuilding a house down there. Work started soon after Sandy, as I recall. Anybody know whether that was owner initiated, spec, destined for rental?

  9. fred2

    Balzac – the scary thing is that’s actually more qualifications than most of them have.

    On the other hand – primary school teacher – I have met a few and while many of them are good with kids, etc… lovely and sweet ladies. I’ve only known one that I’d call intellectually, emotionally, and educationally suited for tasks and jobs that required greater fire-power.

    There may be others of course but statistically not a group of people I’d put in charge of anything other than a primary school.