Golly gee

9 Bonwit Road

9 Bonwit Road

9 Bonwit Road, NoPo Riverside, built in 1955 and untouched since, 0.18 acre, listed for $799,000 and has a contract in less than 7 days. That was too quick for a picture to be posted (I’ve supplied one – you’re welcome), but do I discern the faint scent of soap bubble in the air? (Although to be fair, other houses like this are fetching prices in this range, so we’re not looking at a single, isolated example. In which case, maybe this is the new normal).

UPDATE: A reader/realtor points out this part of the listing, not visible to the public: Agt-to-Agt    CALL LB. NO SHOW UNTIL 3/15.



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21 responses to “Golly gee

  1. Amy Whitlaw

    Pretty annoying since the listing states “no show until 3/15” and today is 3/13. Guess the rules don’t apply to everyone.

  2. Fred2

    Oy is that expansion over the Cab legal under FAR reg’s?

  3. Stanwich

    Seems steep for such a small plot. Other Riverside land sale comps were higher but for more land in better parts of Riverside. I Bonwit Dundee or North Mianus?

  4. Ghost of the FAR Czar

    The technical term is an elderly accessory unit.

  5. RaisedinRiverside

    It’s North Mianus and Eastern for under 800k. People are paying 1.5mil+ for Havemeyer Park, this isn’t that shocking.

  6. a river runs through it

    you wont find brad pitt here. amazing what gets developed around here

  7. Anonymous

    Pretty sure it’s ISD…

  8. The road name come from one half of the eponymous store – Bonwit Teller?

  9. Anonymous

    This place is a dump.
    Did a driveway and should have fired bullets for real.

    Would have added some much needed light to the interior

    • (note to readers – understand that any real estate bog attracts some pretty negative comments on every listing. That doesn’t make the comments accurate because they’re just expressions of someone’s opinion. I run them, but as they say, “the views expressed are not necessarily those of this staion or its management”…)

  10. No shows– but it sold? Something stinks. Listing broker sold it himself, maybe? That’d earn him a disciplinary charge if your MLS was as tight as ours is–

    • It’s a big firm, so it’s more than likely that another agent had a buyer. Ultimately, if the seller can get his price without undergoing the whole process of strangers trooping through at all hours of the day, he’s better off. If there’s full disclosure, and this is a good firm so I’m sure there was, I don’t see the harm. The seller might have done better had the property been exposed to the full marketplace but in this instance, it was priced at that price or even a bit more aggressively than I’d have thought so again, where’s the harm?

      • Chris, I gotta disagree. Wouldn’t have a problem if it was sold without being entered in the MLS– but once it’s dangled in front of everyone with the look-but-don’t-touch date, I think it’s dirty pool to sell it before other buyers with other brokers can see it. If I were a prospective buyer who lost the chance to look and bid, and I had been working with you, the lesson I’d learn would be that I’d be better off working with someone from that big firm so I could get access to those insider deals. Unfair to the small brokerages.

        My perspective may be different because we’re in an extreme listing shortage in Seattle– roughly the same number of active listings and sales last month, so buyers are hungry and multiple offers are the rule. But still…

  11. Greenwich?

    Chris, I drove by too, but with no pictures how can we really know what it was worth. Do you think it sold for list/close to 799$? How fair is the list. That area is eh with lots of splits and raised ranches, but bonwit has capes/colonials that look more like havamayer park..Halsey is the only other house in that area for sale now, and that can’t be worth 900k$

  12. Anonymous

    Al is correct…imagine the nightmare this creates….”no show until we’ve given our firm a chance to sell”? Forget the spirit of cooperation that Greenwich agents strive for…it becomes each firm for themselves. Heck with “fiduciary duty” to the seller! They were probably looking at multiple offers and deal would have been settled over the weekend in the high 800’s.

    Did a little calling around today and turns out it sold to an exclusion. Dim agent never heard of a K-15 code. Could have saved him a lot of angry messages. Great example how the big firms fill the desks with agents who lack any knowledge of the way we conduct business in Greenwich.

  13. Anonymous

    Is the fix in? Darn right it is – we tried to buy 27 bonwit back in 09 – the same day it “came on the market” – we never had a chance. It all worked out in the end because i could never see us living on the side of a rock, but i really opened my eyes to the greenwich market. There are those that act morally and those that do not.

  14. Anonymous

    Welcome to everyday events transacting resi RE biz NYC.

    Ain’t nothin’ new.