Ah, the joys of peddling dirt


11 Park Avenue

11 Park Avenue

11 Park Avenue, Old Greenwich, asking $2.395, reported an accepted offer this week, and while I was glad to see the owners finally get out from under a house they no longer want, I felt bad for the original listing agent, who spent years – 2008 – 2012 with this listing and this owner, only to have the listing yanked away from her and given to another agent. That agent, of course, reaped the benefits of yet another price cut and an improving market when it sold after just 148 days of her involvement.

The owners paid $1.960 for this house in 2005, which probably wasn’t nuts, but then listed it again in 2008 for $2.895. They may have made some improvements, but nothing they could add, no matter how expensive, would make (this) Park Avenue a $3 million address. But the broker who’d sold it to them in the first place took the listing at that price, with the result described above.

That was her choice, of course, but her sorry fate: countless hours, days and weekends sucked into the house with absolutely no compensation at the end is typical for agents with overpriced listings. So typical, in fact, that I refuse to take them on. I’d rather be fishing, or visiting my friend Dr. Ernie Whittle down the street for a quick root canal.


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4 responses to “Ah, the joys of peddling dirt

  1. Ultimate Insult, Not Ultimate Frisbee

    When the seller puts it on sale by owner, it must be a real insult to you realtors. People can do without you perhaps?


    This property went that way for a while.
    Sellers remorse? Realtor comatose?

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  3. Anonymous

    what do you think of 10 webb as a decent starter home in town?