It’s not paranoia if it’s actually happening

Governor’s gun commission calls for confiscation of weapons.

[Commission Chairman Liddy]: “You know what? Those legal-abiding gun owners, I do feel bad for if we pass this recommendation. But when I try to measure the cost and benefit of such a recommendation, I’m going to err on the side of the safety of those children and those people who are the targets.”

For now, Malloy says he’s opposed to outright confiscation – for now. But do you remember those readers who commented here, claiming that they were only interested in “common sense” restrictions, and dismissing the idea that there was any movement afoot to seize lawfully obtained, lawfully possessed weapons? We knew better, and they did too. It’s all about incremental steps, all leading to ultimate goals, whether it’s the disarming of the citizenry or the destruction of our economy or the conversion of public education into a propaganda factory. All one plan, all one mindset.


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16 responses to “It’s not paranoia if it’s actually happening

  1. TheWizard

    For sane people, common sense is arming people around the kids.

    If what we really care about is their safety, of course.

  2. libertarian advocate

    DBs like Malloy & Dullard Bill really do believe that we are a residual pool of knuckle dragging early hominids. Come the next election cycle, we’ll see. It’s not very smart to poke sticks into hornet nests. Now Malloy’s trying to walk it all back. Too fooking late.

  3. hmmm

    la, bills never get repealed so regardless of him winning in 2014 the deed will be done…

    there’s not a brave republican in the bunch that would vote for repeal…
    there’s not a brave republican in the bunch that demands the omnibus bill be made into separate bills

  4. libertarian advocate

    Hmmm. I’m not talking about Malloy so much as many of the state Sens & Reps who run completely unopposed in their districts. That may well change next cycle. We shall see one way or another.

  5. libertarian advocate

    Damn iPad!

  6. Old Coot

    O/T: sobering statistic that I find sad.
    58 percent of first births — that is, a mother’s first baby — are now to unwed moms.

  7. Duh
    Economy and schools 3rd worlded for awhile…this is the last step.
    Overstep ?

  8. Mickster

    You, of course, neglect to mention they’re talking about assault-type automatic weapons in your post .
    Honestly, I’m all for your rights to bear arms BUT you should lose that right if
    1. You or anyone living in your house is a felon;
    2. You or anyone in your house is taking psycho-tropic (?) drugs;
    3. You or anyone in your house uses or has been convicted if ysing illegal drugs;
    4. The gun(s) are not kept in a secure locked safe when not in use or being cleaned etc
    5. Etc etcera 911 calls, alcohol abuse, nobody without a GED should have a gun…

    What I’m trying to say us that I have no issues with a normal person with basic intelligence hunting Bambi with a Gattling gun if that floats his boat but there are so many morons out there with caches if guns and ammo waiting for a SWAT team to knock on their doors.
    The joke of course us that we haven’t been able to enforce the existing laws so any new ones will make no difference.

    • It seems to me that all your qualifying criteria, Numbers 1-5, could be met by simply prohibiting the Irish from owning guns.

      Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, ol sod.

      • Mickster

        Actually, I was just listing reasons why I would be disqualified..LOL.
        You should finally come clean tomorrow and ‘out’ yourself as the Irishman that you are. Have a great one!

    • FlyAngler

      Mickster – Maybe you should actually go read the original article that is the source of this material. The SH Commission is calling for the banning with no grandfathering of rifles AND PISTOLS capable of firing more than 10 rounds without reloading. This new definition is MORE RESTRICTIVE than a simpler magazine capacity limit in the it is now calling all self-defense handguns capable of holding 10+ round mags “assault weapons” as well. appears even the nominally anti-gun Mayor of Hamden, the head of the Commission w against this but was overruled by members.

      Think what you will of Malloy’s motives but he is not stupid. Dannel KNOWS that such a broad definition, which will ban without grandfathering, over 75% of handguns sold today, will be found unconstitutional. People have mangled Scalia’s opinion in Heller, but all agree “in common use” means your average firearm owned by civilians, including handguns capable of holding 10 rounds.

      And for you 1911 owners and others who have pistols whose standard magazine capacity is 9 rounds, you are screwed as well because the Commission wants to ban pistols capable of shooting 10 rounds without reloading, not 10-round magazines. Thus, a pistol with a 9-round mag limit falls under this definition with one in the chamber and the mag topped off.

      I think this definition will be DoA but it will bolster those arguing for a mag limit in Bill 1076 or other bills.

      • Mickster

        Hey Billy the Kid (actually Irish),

        What’s the big deal?

        Go buy yourself multiple guns that shoot less than 10 rounds.
        What is this male fascination with guns that go ratatat, ratatat?? next we’ll see Greenwich Library have SWAT teams to recover overdue books…

        Bottom line, make sure guns don’t fall into the wrong hands. The laws are there.Strengthen them and enforce them. Increase the penalties.

        I really don’t believe in disarming law-biding citizens of legally bought guns – we all know that’s DOA but I think a clear message needs to be sent to these ‘politicos’.

        • There are 300 million guns (or so) in the United States. Those of us who own them have already “gone out and bought them”, as you suggest. At the time we did, it was perfectly legal to do so. Now you want to confiscate those guns but will let us go out shopping again, based on what? Your promise that this time we can keep them? A promise that you won’t be back next year? The entire history of gun control: banning of interstate rifle sales in 1965, banning of “Saturday Night Specials”, the “Brady Law”, etc. etc. is a history of incremental steps towards total confiscation, as the proponents of gun control admit. So no, Mickster, we draw the line here – we should have drawn it back in 1965 and said “hell no”, but there you have it. You can’t have my guns.

  9. AJ

    It gets worse:
    Connecticut Carry – HB 5220 – Banning replicas and air guns
    …(c) No person shall possess any look-a-like firearm, paintball gun, pellet-firing air gun or BB. gun in or on, or within one thousand five hundred feet of, the real property comprising a public or private elementary or secondary school. Any person who violates any provision of this subsection shall be fined not more than five hundred dollars or imprisoned not more than three months or both…

    If you live out at the end of Edgewater or out on Palmer’s Island that would include you as the salt marsh there is school property. Sorry guys, no playing paint ball out in the swamp.

  10. Troll

    The definition as written is broader than you think – almost every gun made in the last 50 years. Almost all guns can fire more than 10 rounds without reloading – just hypothesize bigger magazines. If they can hypothetically create seven round magazines for pistols in NY, they can hypothetically create 11 round mags for everything in CT. They aim to seize all modern guns.