Special Weapons and Tactics indeed


We're in the best of hands

We’re in the best of hands

SWAT team member responds to Herkimer shooting scene geared up and ready to go – too bad his scope is on backwards.

Which means, (a) it’s useless, (b) it isn’t zeroed in, so a bullet could go anywhere, (c) he’s never fired the weapon before, and (d) team members are as clueless as he is.

When seconds count, you’d better hope that your local swat team is hours away.



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35 responses to “Special Weapons and Tactics indeed

  1. Fred2

    Let not leave aside all the “SWAT” team that are around, and the very dubious “need” for them.

    I mean really. How many times a year does the the police, much less Dept of Education, or the MTA find itself in situation where 1/2 dozen cops and the junk in their patrol car trunks would actually need quasi-military back-up, in the course of proper police work?

    Once every 20 -30 years, if that? Which implies unless the organization you work for has initials like NYPD, FBI, or LAPD, essentially “NEVER” is when you need them.

  2. takin care of themselves first

    f the public…solution, leave the state. no tax, no job for them.

  3. least educated, most benefits

    what happened to that drive to get multiple college degrees?

    looks like you can go to community college,
    get an associate degree,
    find any govt job,
    sit on your ass for 20 years,
    gloat about it to your friends for 20 yrs,
    collect a sizeable pension,
    for life

    move to fl.

    the new generation of snow birds…

  4. AJ

    Odd that none of his team members noticed. This leads me to believe that perhaps this event was staged. Not so, you say: the gunman was killed. Well, yes they stage events and kill people all the time (Newtown?). How do I know? Because of WTC building 7 and the WTC ’93 bombing. I know I’ve posted this a number of times, but it should be posted by everyone, over and over, until everyone gets it: modern steel frame buildings do not totally collapse in a matter of seconds from a few small office fires, and why would the FBI give “terrorists” live explosives and tell them to plant them in a spot that would collapse one building into the other to bring down both buildings. Unless you think that two plus two equals three, then wake up and admit it to yourself 9-ll was an inside job and certain elements within the government have no problem killing thousands to achieve their goal, which is the destruction of America — Obama’s friend Bill Ayers’ goal — and bringing it under the control of global governance. Global warming, oops, I mean climate change, anyone?

  5. AJ must love oliver stone movies

    the govt killed kennedy, oswald was just a patsy.

  6. Gravity AJ Gravity. What goes up has to come down somehow.

    Have you ever touched a match lit, it’s hot. Multiply that heat times a trillion and touch that, it’s hotter. Water reachs a boiling point temp and boils. The temp in those structures was so hot metal melted. Weight of a gallon of water is 60 pounds. There was more than a bucket of water weight above the crash sites. Do the math. Get an engineering degree. Then rethink the conspiracy.

    Remember govt is not ever proactive. It only reacts after the fact.

    The govt is always late to the wedding to give away the bride. Don’t pay the taxman and you’re in for a divorce.

    The only way to beat the govt is to leave the country. Then they can just order themselves around. Switch passports is the answer.

    • AJ

      You had better Google WTC Building 7 because you have your facts all wrong. Building 7 wasn’t hit and had only a few minor office fires in it. Take a look at 0:45 of the following clip of a 20 hour fire that raged and completely engulfed a building, yet it didn’t come down. Watch the entire clip and rethink you opinion: it’s total Bullshit, and if you truly belive what you are saying, then you are delusional.

      • Okay, AJ, you can have your tape, but that’s it – we are not going down the 911 Truther road.

        • AJ

          That’s unfortunate, CF because it’s a road that needs to be traveled. It’s responsable for starting just about everything you carry on about, including the suspension of your fourth, fifth, and second amendments. Hell, we can’t even discuss as a country why every agency of the federal government needs billions of rounds of hollow point ammunition, that’s illegal for use in war and too expensive to be used in target shooting — what some have called enough ammunition to carry out a hot war lasting twenty years.

      • Deathbed Confessions

        I am waiting for Cheney to tell the truth on his deathbed.

  7. WTC 1 & 2 fell from the top down in pancake fashion.

    WTC 8 collapsed hours later in a controlled implosion. Larry Silverstein said it. “They called me, they’re going to pull the building.” What was in it?
    CIA, FBI and Emergency management centers.

  8. AJ

    While you try to figure out who rigged the explosives in WTC building 7 — hint: probably the same people who wired in the explosives in the Alfred P. Murrah Building in the Oklahoma City bombing; you’ve got it right: Oswald was a patsy — try figuring out this. Why would the secret service stand down just moments before JFK was shot down leaving him fully exposed for assasination? Here’s the video: watch the Secret Service being waved off and watch their WTF reaction.

    • OK AJ I am a believer on your Kennedy tape but WTC not yet a convert

      Body language was pretty good on that agent. Did that agent also get killed months afterward.?..then I would really wonder!

      • AJ

        It took me a long time to believe that they would ever even conceive of such a thing, and for a couple of years I argued strongly that no way, it could never happen, not in America. But it did. Google “wtc 7 this is an orange” and watch that two minute clip and I think you may have a change of heart. Any discussion of the subject is usually suppressed or ridiculed by calling anyone who even mentions it a “truther”, synonymous with nut job, in hopes of shutting up anyone who even dares to talk about the events of that day. But it set in place a chain of events of killing the Bill of Rights that are still going on to this day. We have fallen a long way since 2001, but I fear two billion hollow points later, the worst is yet to come.

        You’re wrong about the only way to beat the govt is to leave the country. I left almost twenty years ago, but it doesn’t matter: unless you give up your US citizenship, something I don’t intend to do, they own you.

  9. AJ

    So why was Kennedy set up for assasination? could it be that:

    […] “When Kennedy called for a return of America’s currency to the gold standard, and the dismantling of the Federal Reserve System — he actually minted non-debt money that does not bear the mark of the Federal Reserve; when he dared to actually exercise the leadership authority granted to him by the U.S. Constitution . . . Kennedy prepared his own death warrant. It was time for him to go.” […]

    […] JFK had already fired Allan Dulles as head of the CIA.

    “Only three days after the disastrous Cuban defeat, Kennedy set up a Cuban Study Group headed by Gen. Maxwell Taylor to ‘direct special attention to the lessons which can be learned from recent events in Cuba.’

    “With that action, which received little notice at the time, the President declared war on the agency. The Cuban Study Group was one of the most important creations of the Kennedy presidency, and it was the source of one of the major pressure points on the way to the guns of Dallas on November 22, 1963. […]

    […] on December 23, 1997 it was announced that 800 pages of Joint Chiefs of Staff records had been made public the day before by the government’s Assassination Records Review Board. Those declassified government documents show that weeks before his assassination John F. Kennedy told his military leaders to draw up contingency plans for a U.S. withdrawal from Vietnam, following the 1964 presidential election. […]


  10. David Skmith

    Response to disproving God: You looked in the wrong place. He’s hiding. You’re stupid.

    Response to disproving conspiracy: You looked in the wrong place. He’s hiding. You’re stupid.

  11. libertarian advocate

    David: And your point is?

    • David Smith

      Should be obvious: You cannot prove a negative.

      Do not waste your time disproving God or a conspiracy theory. There is ALWAYS another place “you” forgot to look that only the enlightened are aware of.

  12. Chris R.

    not unsympathetic to conspiracies and their theorists, but, as it is, we have a damn hard time holding known culprits to known crimes

  13. db

    I know geniuses on gun forums are never wrong, but anyone consider the sight might be on the right way?

  14. libertarian advocate

    db: CF is right, it’s on backwards. I’m betting this is really Hollyweird sourced.

  15. Yos

    It’s a holo scope. The bridge on some is at the front. Others, the back.

    • Yos

      …and if it’s a cheapo dot site, then it’s mounted correctly.

    • libertarian advocate

      Hard to know on this one as the resolution is just a bit to weak to zoom in tight. Looks to me like the sight’s control buttons are facing the target, not the operator. If I’m right, it’s on backwards.

      • It’s on backwards – ill post the original picture full size along with a properly mounted one: it’s backwards, without question.

        • ranald@ranopt.net

          Eotech XPS2-0 Holosight.

          Yep. Backwards. According to our local shop, this model isn’t reversible.

          (Not a reflex dot sight – where the reflex mirror is to the muzzle.) Sent the link to LA.