Hint to mothers

When your crazy son prints out a seven-foot-long, four-foot-wide spread sheet, in tiny font, detailing every mass murder in history, lock away your guns and call the boy’s psychiatrist.


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17 responses to “Hint to mothers

  1. Anonymous

    i think we all know she failed to see how deeply rooted his issues were…people have avoided ridiculing her due to the circumstances …but we all must be think along the same lines …really is disheartening …this could have and should should been avoided ..he should have been locked away long ago …again, this is a mental health issue and less a guns issue…imo

  2. LAK

    We’ll never know what her feelings were about her son. She was in total denial about her son?
    This kid should have been in an instutition and medicated.

    • My best friend Ginger Smith was interviewed by Voice of America about mental health treatment and funding, she the mother of a 30-something year old son who since college has had severe manic/bi-polar issues. What she had to go through, as a parent without any rights in this effed-up world of privacy, what hoops she had to jump through to get him hospitalized, what attitude she has to endure from doctors and hospitals, endless years of frustration at every corner, not to mention nearly going bankrupt from the costs of doctors appointments and now private care. Ginger will get a front row seat in heaven.

      We’ll never know what Adam Lanza’s mother tried and failed to do. I bet she was the norm, carrying deep denial and depression about her son and the system, and yes, probably her fear of what could happen and her inability to effectuate change. I wouldn’t wish her pain on anyone and I am glad she’s not alive to witness her vilification in the media. She obviously didn’t do enough but maybe what she did was all she could do.

      • Chris R.

        i was quick to think that she was deficient in her handling of the situation, but, your last sentence really put it in a better perspective.

  3. firsttimebuyernotconcernedwithPCnonsense

    Perhaps the mother was ill as well.

  4. Anonymous

    If he was a sociopath, there is no medication….

  5. Brown Eyed Girl

    I would add, what about Mr. Lanza? Does Dad — who apparently lives in Stamford now– have no role in this? If your son is unwell, or your ex-wife is unwell, do you just look the other way and shrug your shoulders? His older brother makes no comment either, but “hadn’t seen his brother in years”. Family members knew there were problems, and no one did anything. That kid needed serious intervention, and never got it from his mom, dad or big brother. Tragic.

  6. Anonymous

    Where’s the father? No responsibility?

  7. Riverside Chick

    Perhaps the heading should read “Note to Fathers”. When you have a memtally ill child , don’t abandon them and not be in contact or speak with them for a year! Yes we know its much nicer being remarried and not living in the same house as the mentally ill child but parents are responsible for their children and this includes Fathers.

  8. This is an incredible finding.
    Imetus to limit NY to 7 shot clips ?
    It remindes me that horrific incidents like this need careful thought, investigation and real public imput to advance our lives and culture.
    We owe it to the deceased and their loved ones and the rest of us to get it right, not just satisfy the 8 min. news cycle or the presently popular pundits for political gain.
    Newtown and our State deserve better because of our proud history not our cloudy recent past or this lightning strike.

  9. GreenITCH

    But of course in the Liberal world we live in we can alienate or offend anyone so to say that anyone or any household where a mentally unstable person lives you should have the ability to own firearms …so instead OBumma and Bloomberg etc will manage from the lowest common denominator and assume people can t manage themselves , so no second amendment . not 16+ Ounce drinks … but hey pick up your Food Stamp Card and feel free to buy lottery tickets , cigarettes and booze on our dime

  10. Riverside mom

    I recently listened to an interview on NPR of a dr at a hospital here in CT. She said that since the Sandy Hook shooting she has had about 10 phone calls from moms saying their son is like AL. They don’t know what to do or where to get help. It is so sad and scary.

  11. Troll

    Weirdest thing in the Post story – he did tactical reloads, dropping half-full magazines before entering each room. This is something infantry are trained to do, anticipating return fire that might come when you enter the room. He was absolutely nuts. However, the irony is he obviously trained himself to be really good at swapping magazines, so smaller magazines wouldn’t have done anything at all. Also, amazing how someone that non-functional can be kept away from everything due to wealth. He lived in the windowless basement for two years after high school. What was her long term plan for him? If they’d been poor, he would have been homeless and no mass threat.