Hmm – hot market, second thoughts, scrivener’s error?

22 Mianus View terrace (possibly photoshopped)

22 Mianus View terrace (possibly photoshopped – note the clouds)

22 Mianus View Terrace in Cos Cob came on four days ago at $995,000 and today has raised its price $105,000.  I’m curious to know whether the owners had such a busy weekend of showings that they’ve reassessed the situation or whether this was just an miscommunication between owner and broker (unlikely, because the owner has to physically sign the listing form, which lists the price, though it happens). Either way, there’s a problem with doing this because the listing shows both the last former price and the new one, and buyers tend to get miffed at price increases.

But if there are multiple bidders for this property, I don’t suppose the seller’s going to care about ruffled feathers.


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6 responses to “Hmm – hot market, second thoughts, scrivener’s error?

  1. Cos Cobber

    What about the message, ‘if you dont buy this property now, I’m going to raise the price on you again!’

    That doesnt work?

  2. Anon

    As a buyer who viewed it this past weekend I can say firsthand they are moving in the wrong direction. Even with low inventory I did not like it at the previous price, which is at the bottom of my range, so I certainly would not be interested at the new price.

    • Anonymous

      As a buyer, do you have representation? Are you satisfied with your agent? Posters rarely say that they are actively in the market, I would like to know your opinions

  3. LAK

    How can they “legally” do that?

  4. Anonymous

    Just as a gas station which cannot raise price too often within a short period of time (typically a day)!