Real estate news

Yes, we report it when there is some, and today there is.

Two sales,

353A Sound Beach Avenue

353A Sound Beach Avenue

485 June Road, Stamford,$1.620 million. Lots of land, a builder’s idea of high end back in the 90s, taxes $23,000. I mention it, I suppose, to highlight the difference in prices between Stamford and Greenwich.

353 (A) Sound Beach Avenue, $1.750. Back lot.

Six accepted offers on single family homes.

205 Sheephill Road, $499,000.

130 Woodside Dr

130 Woodside Dr

130 Woodside Drive, Milbrook, $1.49 million. Asked $1.525 321 days ago, last April. Thruway impact? I don’t recall.

1025 North Street, Siberia. $1.295 million. Just 17 days on market, perhaps because the sellers paid $1.630 for it in 2006 and a buyer smelled a bargain.

62 Halsey was discussed earlier today. One weekend, $759,000.

9 Shorelands Court

9 Shorelands Court

4 Shorelands Court, $2.295 million, 30 days. Paid $2 million even in 2006.

Nothing to note among the new listings, but I found the latest price reduction for 37 Richmond Drive interesting. Sold new in 2003 for $3.6 million, it presumably had a number of improvements added because it came back up for resale in

2008 at $7.450 million. Buyers found that too steep, as well as its other prices over the past five years, but today’s cut to $4.950 might do it – hey, you never know.

37 Richmond Drive - clouds by (Bob) Ross

37 Richmond Drive – clouds by (Bob) Ross


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16 responses to “Real estate news

  1. Central Greenwich Long-Time Resident

    Sheephill is selling for less than assessment. What gives here, or is it just a good buy?

    • I suspect a “good” buy. Not much land and what there is of it won’t set most builders’ hearts aflutter, but almost any property in Greenwich has some value. And, I just looked, it started at $685,000 more than a year ago. It’s an estate sale and sooner or later, heirs grow tired of waiting for their money.

  2. anonymous

    If your kids are in private school in Greenwich there is no reason not to live on June Rd or Middle Patent or any part of of North Stamford Greenwich adjacent. You get a lot more for your money, some of the countryside and small villages are charming, and the commute into town is no longer than Bedford Road or John Street. Historically there have been some pretty swell places back in there.

    • Catch a Falling Knife

      might as well live in New Canaan

    • Agreed, although I’ve been spending more time in North Stamford lately and I’m appalled by the truly awful, cheap construction thrown up on what were clearly once magnificent estates. Picture the break up of Greenwich’s back country but instead of Jordan Saper’s uglies, which at least are spaced one per every four acres, there are little vertical siding “moderns”, circa 1970, dropped down two-to-the-acre. That said, there are some bargains there.

    • GreenITCH

      I don’t disagree with the logic here or the financial considerations . That said from friends that have done the same … you are always looking from the outside in , cant use the town beaches and tend to refer to your home as being in ” West Greenwich ” due to the stigma ( for the lack of a better word ) of living in Stamford

      • Yes, you can see that at work in real estate ads that describe a home’s location as “on the Greenwich/Stamford border”. No one in Greenwich would ever confess Stamford as a neighbor, so if you see that word, you know it’s not in Greenwich. Being just outside the velvet rope is not the same as being inside Studio 54.

  3. Anonymous

    Nothing to note among new listings? Holding out that new one in Riverside for a client? I am sure you just overloked it 🙂

    • If I mentioned it I’d have been tempted to remark on its price, something I prefer to wait on until the market has voiced an opinion. After a couple of months of sitting unsold, anything I might whisper about a house’s asking price has already been shouted by potential buyers, whereas when it’s brand new, I run the risk of being unfair. Still, there are some prices that I do itch to be snarky about right out of the gate.
      Not, of course, the one you’re referring to.

  4. Central Greenwich Long-Time Resident

    Stamford has many beautiful homes. Those 70s moderns can be gorgeous inside. Problem is that you cannot always sell in Stamford. It is a much harder sell on account of the schools.

    Hard to tell if there is in fact any problem with the schools in Stamford. My guess from knowing people who went through that school system is that it is fine. But the market view of Stamford is problematic in a not-yet-recovered market. In Greenwich, a reasonably priced home will sell in any market, especially under a million or 2 million. In Stamford, you may need to sit on your home for a year or longer to sell in a down market. Sort of more of a risk of loss if you buy in Stamford.

  5. Central Greenwich Long-Time Resident

    By the way, the appreciation in Stamford has been only with inflation since the 1970s. Some areas of Greenwich, including central mid-country, have handily beat inflation. Another reason to take a closet in Greenwich over a palace in Stamford.

  6. anonn

    RIchmond Hill Road, NOT Richmond drive, no?

  7. Anonymous

    North Stamford is the official place of doing nothing to improve or maintain the house for about 25 years, then sell it before things go to complete crap and let the next generation start all over.

  8. ShedLessToolMan

    when does the statute of limitations and informal code end on the super overpriced lincoln avenue listing so we may start to weigh in on comments? or is this listing controlled by a FWIW reader or participant and we are all holding our collective opinions?