Striking a blow for all-American labor



Charged with prostitution, let's hope it was for providing administrative services

Charged with prostitution, let’s hope it was for providing administrative services

Massage parlor workers busted in Fairfield and not a single Korean among them.


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20 responses to “Striking a blow for all-American labor

  1. Anonymous

    “not a single Korean among them”…really Chris!

    • Oh come on, even you aren’t so naive as to not know that Koreans have taken over the rub-and-a-tug business. It’s like the Patel clan from India owning every motel in America. And, really – no irony here whatsoever – I see nothing wrong with either group’s success. We’re still the land of opportunity.
      UPDATE: Here, read for yourself.

  2. Emcee

    Glad to see the police were on it determine after several visits that illegal sexual activity was occurring. The repeat visits were only to make sure.

  3. “Undercover officers posing as customers seeking massages were sent into Deidra’s on numerous occasions,” Police Lt. Michael Gagner said. “Each undercover visit confirmed that illegal sexual activity was taking place at the salon.”

    Numerous occasions. Sounds like dozens at least. Probably a $50k price tag on the investigation at least. Plus out of pocket expenses of course.

  4. Anonymous

    Nice place if you’re into GILF

  5. Libertarian Advocate


    Gotta wonder if in this tough economy, the parlor had suddenly discontinued pro-bono happy endings and the police retaliated?

  6. Greenwich Gal

    Jeez – that one lady looks like some Jr. Leaguer mom!

  7. Riverside Chick

    I am just curious, how much DO they make a day? Is it like $300 or $3000? Just trying to make sence of why “Muffy Davenport” is in the service business?

    • I’ll confess, RC, I don’t know what they charge per ah, “session”, how long that encounter lasts or how many a day they engage in, and that’s assuming they aren’t hourly workers.

  8. Front Row Phil

    “a BLOW for all-American labor”
    Thank you for that.