Oh, where will they stay? Where WILL they stay?


Under new ownership

Under new ownership

Walt and Monica clear out of Palm Beach. $6.6 million – after purchase cost ($4.4) plus renovations and transaction costs they maybe will net just a million or so, but that’s a far better return on their 2006 investment than any of Walt’s customers got.

With the old dump on Round Hill Road also seemingly headed for new ownership – creditor or buyer is unknown, so far – and the Mustique villa rumored to be going, that will leave the crooks just a few properties left in which to hide out. Of course there’s always son-in-law Andre’s yacht to escape on.


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18 responses to “Oh, where will they stay? Where WILL they stay?

  1. farewell but not goodbye

    just too tough on these people. be kind. they may become your neighbor next.

  2. Anonymous

    i appreciate you keeping people abreast of this criminal’s activities..i find it interesting

    • BerMat

      Interesting… Really?????

      Not saying one way or the other but it seems everyone out here just loves to watch and comment from their white tower.

  3. Walt

    Weasel Boy –
    You bête noire.

    Are you jealous because I can sell dirt in this market when you can’t? Because old Uncle Walt can turn lemons into lemonade? While you wallow in mud? You disgusting little suckling little pig.

    Who needs Palm Beach? Pink pants, white shoes, and a ton of Jews still in shock that Bernie toasted them like a NY bagel. They need to move on.

    And my Round Hill love shack isn’t going anywhere. Greenwich has everything I enjoy. Blue hairs, bony assed lily white WASPs, and whore houses in Fairfield!! Plus Steph lives nearby!!

    And I can torture them all with their “better than thou” attitude, when the only thing they have contributed to society is the ability to eat dainty finger food, and fart on a white couch without leaving a mud stain.

    Brunch today?
    Your Pal,

  4. Anonymous

    That is sheer poetry:

    “And I can torture them all with their “better than thou” attitude, when the only thing they have contributed to society is the ability to eat dainty finger food, and fart on a white couch without leaving a mud stain.”

  5. anonymous

    Guess Monica got the hint when she got black balled at the Bath and Tennis Club in Palm Beach, with her supposed close friends leading the charge. Boo hoo, with PB toast, and Greenwich liened up the butt, that leaves only an $8 mil pied a terre at 810 Park, and the $20 mil Lake Agawam spread in Southampton. Hey, she’s Swiss Brazilian.. either of those places make a good retreat for the damned.

    • BerMat

      Seems like you know considerably more intimate details than one person should… Should we consider you to be one of the black ballers? Or just a savvy investor looking to sweep in and buy property in Palm Beach, Greenwich, Southampton , and NYC at a deep discount.

  6. noels are just nice thank you

    dont criticize something that you do not know about. the noels are a great couple. no need to sing your sad songs to them. blame it on bernie.

    • Noel was (is) a crook and a fraud, who deserves far more than he’s getting away with.

      • BerMat

        Probably same can be said for a fair number of people walking the halls of Round Hill Country Club and Bell Haven on a pretty regular basis.

    • Sympathy for the devil is a Rolling Stone fantasy

      Kudos to the guy at the Palm Beach Gala who confronted Walter and denounced his claim to enjoy the good company of those he fleeced.
      If only Greenwich had gala balls like that.

  7. Anonymous

    noel’s just as guilty as bernie. both f’ing scumbags.

    two words: forensic audit.

    it’s gonna happen. he & co-conspirators are goin’ down. maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but eventually. sooner is better, of course.

  8. BerMat

    Wow.. Guns blazing out here from all of you saintly Greenwich folk. I am not saying that they are guilty or innocent… Probably if anything they were just morons and criminally negligent…. Not sure I would say they were crooks and frauds though.
    Here is my question to you all…. Should the sales traders that sold junk CDOs that they new were garbage be prosecuted and find? Have they? How about all the hedge fund platforms and investment distribution mechanisms that allowed their sales people to ear, and keep, fees generated by selling investment vehicles to investors who should not have been buying them in the first place, mortgage brokers, HNW bankers, investment bankers who did deals that would pay them millions of dollars in fees one year and within a few quarters would blow up and start a chain reaction, that caused investors to lose money, corporate credit to dry up, and basically cripple the global economy and job market… And yet keep their millions? In each of these cases it can be argued that the parties involved either knew, turned a blind eye, were ignorant, or criminally negligent…. And yet to date no one has been charged of anything or made to pay back any of the fees and/or bonuses earned as they perpetuated this attack of the global financial system and outright greed for a couple decades.

    Bash the Noel’s all you want.. But under no circumstances are you to give all the others a pass … Just drive around Greenwich and make sure take note of all the HUGE houses that have been built since the late 80’s…. If you think that all of them are sitting believing that they never did something that can be considered immoral, perhaps even violating a few laws or regulations…. You are kidding yourself.

    • Bermat, I spent a long time representing private investors in asserting claims against investment advisers and stock brokers and unlike many things I pontificate on here, I actually know quite a bit about the subject. Noel not only had a legal duty to investigate the funds he was putting clients’ money into, he posted a “due diligence” page on his site and in his promotional literature detailing that due diligence and the deep research and careful investigations his firm performed before turning over the monies entrusted to them by those clients.

      None of which he did. As events showed, no one who gave money to Madoff investigated the man because Berne wouldn’t let them: he kept his books secret, he provided no details of his trading methodology or even his trading history. Noel knew this, knew that the promises he was making to his clients regarding his selection and monitoring of fund advisers were false, yet kept making that promise, and invested 100% of the funds (he’d promised diversity) for years, because he was being paid hundreds of millions of dollars by Madoff. It was greed, pure and simple, and outright fraud.

      No sympathy for the man here – he should be in prison, right alongside Madoff, instead of choosing which houses he should sell to fund the remainder of his very comfortable life.

  9. great while it lasted

    the noels now have to come up with the next act, they are proven salesmen, now find something to sell

  10. Adrian Murray

    from Madoffwatch London:

    So its official – they ARE down to their last $80 mil.

    Does anybody visiting this site have any bridges for sale? That judge could well be in the market for one if he is persuaded that $80 mil. is all Wally & his crew have left. Here’s hoping Picard & Sheehan prove to be less gullible and that they manage to track down all the loot, wherever it is.