Nazi Germany comes to New York

Concerned that some gun owners won’t turn in their now-illegal weapons, Andrew Cuomo and his Democrat goons have established a “rat out your neighbor” hotline, complete with cash rewards for those who call the police on the man next door. I know, I know, it’s about guns, it couldn’t happen with anything else, if it saves the life of one child, yadayadayada. What I find so infuriating about liberals is that they are unprincipled, and because they lack principles they approve or disapprove of particular actions depending on whether they approve or disapprove of the actor. Drones? Warrantless wire taps? Bad when done by Bush, fine when done by Obama. Voter fraud and oppression? Bad if Republicans are doing it, no problem if it’s Democrats.

And so on. The point is, principles are the bulwark of freedom. The principle of free speech mean you protect the right of anyone to exercise it, not just those you agree with. But liberals surpass dissent and cheer on the government when it moves to silence its critics. Witness the ongoing liberal push to shut down conservative talk radio, just as one example. When the state creates an informant system to encourage citizens to spy on and denounce their neighbors, it will not necessarily stop at reporting actions you disapprove of. In fact, it won’t stop there. The Nazis used this control device, the communists did and now it’s here in America.

And the sheeple applaud.


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8 responses to “Nazi Germany comes to New York

  1. Mark B.

    Just a little further down the rat hole, and I will be able to move to my beloved Paris without feeling like I’m betraying my father’s America.
    Because his America is nearly gone.

  2. Anonymous

    This year, for the first time, the kids’ standard pediatric exam form asked the question: “Are there any guns in the house?”

  3. All for the good of the state, comrade.

    Next up will be smokers, overweight people, those with “unapproved” literature, et al.

  4. Hitler… a wimp compared to Stalin or Mao….
    All shared the podium for “informing” the public of what was best for them…..

  5. Fred2

    /Time to start dialing and rat out EVERYONE. Guns or not, the bank manager, the tellers, all the primary school teachers, everyone at that paper in Westchester. Make them CHOKE on it.

  6. Libertarian Advocate

    Hmmmm. Swatting for fun and profit.