Real estate activity

Back from the open house tour and in my absence 4 items were reported: a sale, an accepted offer and two new listings.

164 Cat Rock

164 Cat Rock

164 Cat Rock, asking $2.150, sold for $1,888,700.

22 Arnold Street, new construction asking $1.695, has an accepted offer. Builder paid $500,000 for the lot in 2012.

330 Sound Beach Ave

330 Sound Beach Ave

330 Sound Beach Avenue is a new listing, but an old house, asking $1.699 million. Owners bought it in 2005 for $1.3 and apparently put some money in it but it remains at 2,300 sq. feet and I personally am a bit dubious about its new price; still, who knows these days?

16 Lake View

16 Lake View

And 16 Lakeview, a house north of the Post Road on a road that claims a view of a lake when in fact it is the Mianus River it looks over, is listed at $2.995 million. It sold new in 2010 for $2.720 but I don’t like the lot very much because it’s crammed in with others. Still, there is that view of the river “lake”, and even access to the water, albeit down a long stairway. Your call on this one.


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15 responses to “Real estate activity

  1. Cobra

    Link goes to Wikipedia…Marshal.

  2. Anonymous

    Arnold street a modular?

  3. Cos Cobber

    Link doesnt work!

  4. Cos Cobber

    Crap, still doesnt work for me. It only partially opens the MLS website, but the houses are blocked.

  5. Cos Cobber

    works now.

    I remember when those two Lakeside houses were built…they wanted $3.2MMish in 2007 or so. At the time I believe it was the highest asking price in NOPO not located in Hilcrest Park.

    Could have been a great site, but I didnt like the way they positioned those houses.

    • One house would have been great, two ruined it. The expense of building 2 houses and the diminished price they finally got make me think the builder would have been better off being less ambitious.

      • Riverside Chick

        I foresee this problem with the property on Meadow with squeezing 3 instead of 2 houses on the property.

  6. Cobra

    I only see pictures of Cat Rock. None for the other three?

  7. hmmm

    cobra use the arrows

    • Cobras don’t have arms to move anything, let alone arrows. I didn’t explain the solution to him because it’d be like telling a legless veteran to “stand up and be recognized”. We’ll let Joe Biden do that.

      • Cobra

        Other than Cat Rock and Lakeview, I only get “No photo available” for the other two. Strange.