I’m not going to read it because I’ve given up hope, but it illustrates the point: illogical policies have logical results.

New book, “Sand in the Gears – how public policy has crippled American manufacturing”

American manufacturing has been on the decline for at least two generations; that fact is plain to any observer who travels through the Rust Belt of the Midwest, where the closing of steel plants and automobile factories has created ghost towns that dot the landscape. It is also clear in the dormant New England textile mills, whose owners surrendered their production first to cheaper mills in the Southeast before they, in turn, lost out to Asian labor.What caused this calamity, and what can be done about it?

Andrew Smith argues that we lost our manufacturing not to forces beyond our control, such as globalization and cheaper labor overseas, but as the result of misguided policies that are well within our abilities to reform for the benefit of manufacturing. Examining six areas of public policy—the tax system, health care, the legal system, workers’ compensation, government regulations, and labor policy—Smith demonstrates that in each of these areas, the current policy choices have created a hostile environment for manufacturing. Grounding his arguments not in polemic or ideology but in historical analysis and current research, Smith illustrates his points with real-world examples to show how a “new social compact” can fix the problems that manufacturers face without sacrificing public policy goals.

No one will consider Smith’s proposals, because people like me know it’s fruitless to persuade  regressives to reconsider their plans, and regressives wouldn’t dare take a peek at what they have wrought. To a regressive, it is the intentions that count, not the results.


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8 responses to “I’m not going to read it because I’ve given up hope, but it illustrates the point: illogical policies have logical results.

  1. Walt

    Dude –
    It appears your little nymphette, Ms. McBeal, could actually go to jail:
    Do you like your women in stripes? The handcuffs will be fun!
    Your Pal,

    • Yeah, I did see that, and almost posted on it last night but decided I had nothing to say. I don’t know anything about the incident except what’s in the paper but what’s not in the paper that I would like to be is an exploration of why the prosecutors went to such trouble here. One of the charges, of which Buhl was acquitted, was “interference with a police investigation” which the prosecutors claimed caused them “months of unnecessary investigative work”. Months? For a misdemeanor? They spend less time on vehicular homicides. Something’s rotten.

      • Libertarian Advocate

        No doubt, in their eyes, her real crime was to embarrass them.

      • AJ

        Usually, to prove harrassment you have to have reams of documents detailing numerous incidents over a prolonged period of time, and even then, good luck on getting anywhere with it.

  2. Interest rate control

    Is it possible that this prolonged insistence of <1% interest rate could be a failed policy? It does not seem to have helped the majority.

    • AJ

      It’s not supposed to help; it’s supposed to hurt. Once you break free of the Left-Right paradigm and begin to see the Republicans and Democrats for what they really are: two fingers on the same hand, then you will begin to understand. What are you supposed to do with those two fingers? I believe that Brown University has a special class on that very same subject: Buggery 101. That aside, once you break free of seeing things from the false paradigm of Left vs Right, and realize that it’s a very simple but highly effective divide and conquer strategy, then everything will begin to make sense. The reason you’re having trouble trying to figure out how government policy is supposed to help the country is because it’s not meant to; it’s meant to destroy the country to the point of accepting any solution if it will just get us out of these dire straits, including what they’re striving for, global governance — no more United States, and it’s working.

  3. Anonymous Citizenette

    I find it the height of hypocrisy that greenies have had such a hand in legislating our own manufacturing into oblivion, we seemingly have no problem at with buying everything from China, whose factories spew anything they want into air that we will be all breathing at some point, causing air so foul they wear masks.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      I find it the height of hypocrisy that greenies have had such a hand in legislating our own manufacturing into oblivion

      Yeah. Ain’t that the truth. Like Al Bore’s private air travel, like Al Bore’s old Tennessee Manse that consumed more than 25 times the electricity of the average home. Like Al Bore selling current TV to Al Jazeera’s oil pumping owners. That’s why the Proggers love the Marxist maxim: From each according to his ability, to each according to his need

      Of course the lefty elites interpret that commie rule far differently than do their useful idiot college student and union rank & file base. The effete left’s interpretation? Pretty much: You all work and pay taxes, so we can get cool shit to play with and live off the blood sweat and tears of you “little people.”