So how busy was this week?

I’ve seen the numbers 37 and 30 batted around as the total of houses going off the market and that’s fine, so long as you want to include out-of-town properties, multi-families and vacant land – if you do exclude those categories, you end up at 30. But if you then subtract contracts that were previously reported as accepted offers, you’ll drop to 15. Still evidence of activity, of course, and there were a couple of large sales: $8.5 and $5 million, included in those fifteen, but the single family inventory is not flying off the shelves.

With the exception of lower priced homes which, as documented here, are selling very well indeed.


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  1. Mickster

    This is what I showed as of Friday morning 9am:

    The following homes have accepted offers from buyers in the past week but will continue to be listed on MLS until contracts are signed:
    (Prices quoted are list prices)

    62 Wesskum Wood Road $ 2,550,000
    76 Riverside Lane $2,195,000
    41 Harding Road $2,189,000
    130 Woodside Drive $1,419,000
    1025 North Street $1,295,000
    505 West Lyon Farm $1,174,900
    1 Milbank Avenue $1,000,000
    105 Hamilton Ave # 7 $995,000
    62 Halsey Drive $759,000
    25 Indian Harbor Dr #6 $649,000
    6 Booth Court $639,000
    207 Sheephill Rd $499,000
    5 Wellington Pl #B $469,000

    The market between $1million and $2.5 million continues to be very active
    with the following homes getting contingent contracts this past week:

    50A Sound View Dr. $2,395,000
    9 Shorelands $2,295,000
    40B Sound View Dr $1,999,000
    152 Lockwood Rd $1,995,000
    525 River Rd $1,840,000
    22 Arnold St $1,695,000
    141 Sound Beach Ave $1,650,000
    16 Norton Lane $1,395,000
    19 Norton Lane $1,295,000

    We also had a contingent contract reported on 22 Dawn Harbor Lane ($3,175,000 ask).

    • Accepted offer

      AO designation benefits who?
      Is AO always followed by ‘continue to show’?
      AO may stop additional showings, and, AO falling thru tends to intimate something wrong with the property/inspection/appraisal. Of course there can be notice that ‘buyer failed to perform’ which is followed by a knowing nod.

  2. Quick real estate question:

    In coming back to Bedford via North Street just now, I wondered about the three Spanish style homes, all in a row, just before and on the same side of the road as North St. Elementary. One is set way back, the largest and also looks the oldest, the other two, closer to the road and newer. All three have the roof tiles, and all three are pink/salmon color. A family?

    PS: I was also in norwalk/darien today and LMAO driving by a store:
    Bobs’s Unpainted Furniture and Gun Exchange.
    I looked it up online and loved how Patch describes his business:
    Bob’s carries a mix of goods including unfinished wooden rocking chairs, step stools, metal safes, mini blinds and shades as well as firearms and explosives.

    I know when I am looking for mini blinds, I also want a firearm and explosives, don’t you?

    • It’s a pretty good gun store, EOS – knowledgable people and friendly enough, as gun store folks go. I’ve switched my allegiance to Hiller Sports up in Norwalk because Paul Hiller is a good guy as is his (co-owner?) Ian. And they have an indoor range though not an unfinished furniture department; for that, it’s back to Darien for you.

  3. Cobra

    If my now fallible memory serves me, two of those haciendas have been there for many decades. The third, the one with the strangely (pale blue)-colored gates is relatively new. Seems odd to me that the newer structure would be of similar architecture, but who knows the rationale for that. As for Bob’s (once past the unpainted furniture section), it is a long established resource for a wide array of firearms, ammo, and related accessories. Small, cluttered, with sales folk who are knowledgeable and quite helpful. I was there just a couple of weeks ago to stock up on a few boxes of reasonably-priced 7.62 X 39mm.

  4. anonymous

    The yellowy house set in from the road was the sister house to the orange one, with the blue shutters, often mistakenly described as “Bermuda style,” which was torn down to build that big hulking mess on the north east corner of Dingletown and North. They were built for the Mead sisters.