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Next they’ll try to tell us the world is round. Damn revisionists.

Bridgeport’s Gustave Whitehead beat the Wright Brothers into the air?

Pretty neat story about a small band of crazies, including an industrial arts teacher, who built a replica from Whitehead’s plans and flew it, demonstrating the viability of the design and, possibly, even probably, that it beat the Spirit of St. Louis into the air by two years.*

One part of the article caught my eye because it shows how different Bridgeport is today from then, to our loss:

Williams pointed out that when Whitehead got to Bridgeport he had all the raw materials he needed to construct a flying machine, or just about any other contraption he could think up.

“Don’t forget, when Whitehead got here, he realized that he could walk down one street to get a part casted and down another street to have it machined,” Williams said.

“At the time, just about every manufactured product was either made here or had a part that was made here.”

* Yes I know, Christopher Columbus did not deposit the Pilgrims in Philadelphia but somewhere in the Caribbean instead. Everything I know about history I learned from Fred Willard.



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As someone who couldn’t have gained entrance as a janitor, I understand their disappointment but …

NYT: Girls don’t get into NYC’s best high schools at the same rate as boys. Legal Insurrection is unsympathetic.

Full Post:

Boys are getting destroyed at just about every level of the educational spectrum relative to girls, and are keeping away from liberal arts colleges like they’re running from the grim reaper (which is not that bad an analogy considering the hard core feminist agenda at most liberal arts colleges).

But boys still rule math and the hard sciences, and that is an abomination in the eyes of the educational PC police, via NY Times, Girls Excel in the Classroom but Lag in Entry to 8 Elite Schools in the City:

In the United States, girls have outshined boys in high school for years, amassing more A’s, earning more diplomas and gliding more readily into college, where they rack up more degrees — whether at the bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral levels.

STOP right there.  No one seems to be upset about boys falling behind.  But we continue …

But that has not been the trend when it comes to one of the highest accomplishments a New York City student can achieve: winning a seat in one of the specialized high schools.

At all eight of the schools that admit students based on an eighth-grade test, boys outnumber girls, sometimes emphatically.

Boys make up nearly 60 percent of the largest and most renowned schools,Stuyvesant, the Bronx High School of Science and Brooklyn Tech, and as much as 67 percent at the High School for Mathematics, Science and Engineering at City College, according to city statistics.


The fact that girls are underrepresented in New York’s top high schools, which tend to be focused on math and science, and which have more than a dozen Nobel laureates among their alumni, worries some academics who see the schools as prime breeding grounds for future scientists and engineers.

Cart before horse.  Cause and effect.  If a girl can’t get into Bronx High School of Science based on objective test scores, what’s the likelihood she’ll be a Nobel Laureate?

To Chester E. Finn Jr., president of the Thomas B. Fordham Institute, an education policy group, the gap at the elite schools could be as elemental as their perception as havens for science, technology, engineering or math, making them a natural magnet for boys, just as girls might gravitate to schools known for humanities.

“I don’t think you’re looking at discrimination here,” said Mr. Finn ….


Math is hard.  And it doesn’t discriminate.  Get over it.


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This stick in the mud obviously never matriculated at Brown

Threesome or four; who's counting?

Threesome or four; who’s counting?

Legislator complains that Irish charity spends £124,000 teaching teenagers how to engage in threesomes.

A state-funded charity is advising teenagers on how threesomes can ‘spice up’ their relationships. Spunout.ie, the youth organisation that runs the website, receives €124,000 each year from the HSE.

The charity website describes how threesomes can “inject serious passion into their bedroom shenanigans”.

Teenagers are told not to pick anyone they have feelings for and instead opt for no-strings-attached sex. “If you are in a relationship, but secretly have a thing for someone else, bringing them into a threesome could lead to serious hurt, so it’s best to save threesomes for a bit of fun.”

Calling the advice “incredibly regressive”, Fine Gael TD Michelle Mulherin said that she will be raising the issue with Minister for Health James Reilly.

“That this has been given the State seal of approval is very worrying. There is nothing right about this.”

Ian Power, a spokesperson for the organisation, said: “The fact is that sex is enjoyable for young people and for some people threesomes are just one aspect of being sexually intimate.

My own operating theory is that if there’s a word for it, someone’s done it before, so randy young teenagers can probably figure out these things all by themselves. But if our own Ivy League universities think it necessary to instruct their high achievers on how to tickle their prostates (that would be Brown – the college, not the color) or sponsor weeklong “sextavivals” (Yale, Harvard) then perhaps the Irish are just as limited in their imagination and need this sort of help.

Besides, without adult supervision and guidance, there’s no grant money to be pocketed and where’s the fun in that?


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