Dollar Bill’s cohort turns on NPR

Who knew? Fellow lefties now claim that National Public Radio is part of a vast, right-wing conspiracy! They sure had me fooled.

Media Matters [a wholly owned subsidiary of the Koch Brothers George Soros] is scrambling to discredit a much-discussed report on America’s disability program by journalist Chana Joffe-Walt that was featured on Chicago’s Public Radio This American Life and National Public Radio’s (NPR) All Things Considered.

Media Matters researcher Hannah Groch-Begley attacked NPR by breathlessly warning that a “misleading NPR report has become fodder for a right-wing media campaign to scapegoat federal disability benefits, despite the fact that the rise in disability claims can be attributed to the economic recession and demographic shifts.”

Joffe-Walt’s six-month investigation into America’s disability program found a record-high 14 million Americans receiving disability checks in a system rife with fraud and dependency-inducing abuse that costs taxpayers $260 billion a year—more than food stamps and welfare combined.



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4 responses to “Dollar Bill’s cohort turns on NPR

  1. Listened to it driving from (ironically for you good guy) Rifle to Silt CO….
    main amazing point no one represents th gov. in the hearings, only SS employees who make the decision !!!!
    Lawyers interviewed are even happier than receipients….

  2. john

    I too listened to the story, I was surprised the Gov’t went unrepresented. My back hurts sometimes, can I get some free money?

  3. Al Dente

    I know two guys on disability. Their only problem? They’re drunks. Now they sit home and drink for free. This problem is growing fast.

  4. off topic, but, breaking news….

    Warning! Do Not Click on the Video!