New flood zone regs detailed tonight

Town Hall, 7:00 pm 6:30, per Mike Finkbeiner. Your realtor should attend as well. What you don’t know will cost you.
Look for me there-I’ll be the one wearing the Belle Haven cap.


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19 responses to “New flood zone regs detailed tonight

  1. Cos Cobber

    It would be great if EarthImage could clarify something for me.

    If you are in zone AE which is the zone which affects the vast majority of home owners, seems like you could avoid a wholesale rebuild of your home if your 1st floor is 1 foot above the Base Flood Elevation and you can manage to relocate your utilities to the first floor or you can build a waterproof room in the basement to house the utilities. Therefore, the big issue for any home in zone AE is whether or not that first floor is already 1 ft above the BSE.

    Otherwise, when that 50% rule catches up with you, you are looking at total rebuild which is obviously a game changer on the present home value.

  2. I will be over 7,000 feet above Mean High Water tonight.
    Working on flooding issues in Colorado and Utah.
    Will miss meeting…..
    4 Quetions that need to asked…
    Is FEMA complinace required, can we opt out ?
    What Federal/State & other programs in place that have not been addressed ?
    Sea levels have not risen more rapidly since 1900, why have plans not been put in place (especially since 1938, 1950’s, 1985 Hurricanes that impacted Greenwich) and who is responsible ?
    Planning by reaction is not Planning….we need to seperate Zoning from Planning. How many here tonight would be in favor of creating a Planning Board if doing so would reduce costs especially to landowners and taxpayers ?

    • If you’re heading for Colorado and planning to fly at 7,000 feet then I’ll start humming that old Woody Gutherie song. “so long, it’s been good to know you so long…”

  3. First off, FEMA hearing is a 6:30 pm, not 7 pm per Greenwich Time.

    CC- The 50% cumulative valuation rule for costs of improvements since 1986 only applies to non-compliant structures. Since compliance is a moving target, we hope P&Z will rule that this applies only to improvements made during known non-compliance.

    There is a discussion promised tonight on what happens to previously compliant structures that become non-compliant, in being in a special flood hazard area ( SFHA zone AE or VE) below the FEMA defined base flood elevation (BFE).

    Of importance to homeowners is whether Greenwich will add more restrictive local regulations. The benefit is a Town-wide reduction in private flood insurance premiums, which will crank up with each new storm, much like a bad driver in car insurance. The adverse result will be new Gordian Knots of red tape at Town Hall.

    The new issue facing us the FEMA’s implementation of transitional zones. Until now there has been a hardline boundary from the wave zone plus or minus three feet over still water flooding, to still water, with waves magically hitting the invisible wall and going flat. Now FEMA has introduced the AE=VE boundary in some areas (See Byram Pool). In addition, there is a new overlay zone with “limit of moderate wave action” on top of AE still water zones, sometimes called the LIMA overlay.

    • Mickster

      Well, that certainly clears everything up for me..WTF!

      • anon

        It’s pretty simple to me. If you don’t want your house to flood every other year, then don’t buy a house on Shore road.

        • Is It Simple, or Are You Just a Simpleton?

          Wow, what a genius comment. What if I already live on Shore Road, and indeed have lived there for the better part of 40 years? Think I’ve seen a few Super Duper Nor’easter Storms of the Century in that time? Want to know how much flood water from all those storms combined has infiltrated my home? ZERO inches. And now I’m being told that my home is potentially worthless because of these revised guidelines that throw a colorful blanket over the area?

          Ah, I guess I shouldn’t get upset. I should’ve had the foresight to anticipate this issue when I moved in. Obviously I’m also at fault for reading a comment on a page that allows jackasses to be heard.

    • Cos Cobber

      thanks Mike

  4. anonymous

    Belle Haven cap? Did they let you in? You must be an Association land owner.

  5. Now I’m glad we sold the house on Shore Rd in OG in the 1990’s.

  6. Strikes me odd (and wrong) that this meeting is taking place during the private school vacation, or any school vacation for that matter. A lot of families are away. Unless that is their object – to see how few people appear??

    • anon

      Do you think the world revolves around private school’s vacation schedule? BTW, did you see the Obama girls are blowing another $200K of taxpayer money in the Bahamas this week while the White House is shut down due to the sequester?

      • Anon: Of course NOT. I said no matter what vacation, if you actually read my comment. People should attend this meeting so nfor the town to plan it around any time kids are out of school, or during Passover as someone else said, it wrong.

  7. anonymous

    And during the second night of Passover!

  8. Tom Foolery

    For those of you playing along at home, the P&Z meetings are typically broadcast live on Cablevision Channel 79.

  9. Anonymous

    I’ve lived in OG/Riverside for a decade. Have never seen a coastal community so wilfully blind to the regulations coming their way. FEMA remapping of the northeast corridor has been going on for years and years….

    • When a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight it concentrates his mind wonderfully.

      • Anonymous

        Ture enough. Will be curious to see if our out-of-control land use regulators in Greenwich start to feel the pressure. Though they have little to do with FEMA regs, this may be the tipping point for some Greenwich residents to acknowledge that their own government has turned on them in so many ways.