It’s a true spring market

Unlike recent spring pasts, buyers have definitely responded to the lengthening days and are out buying. In addition to 141 Cat Rock, discussed below, three more properties have reported accepted offers today.

24 Rock Ridge

24 Rock Ridge

24 Rock Ridge, a 1920 house that last saw a workman in 1986, couldn’t sell last year when priced at $3.998 million. It came back on two weeks ago at $3.825 and is already under contract.

78 Rockwood Lane

78 Rockwood Lane

78 Rockwood Lane, $1.995, is proof that the market has come alive. A contemporary that, to my taste, lacked the light and open feeling that can make a contemporary so appealing, perched on, again just my opinion, marginal land. None of that deterred at least one buyer and it’s going, after fifteen days.

44 Lockwood Lane

44 Lockwood Lane

44 Lockwood Lane in Riverside, asking $1.250, is more understandable. It’s 1960 construction on the Thruway but in Riverside, this is what passes for a starter home. And those will sell.

The encouraging thing about this resurgence, for buyers, is that rising prices should bring more houses on the market, either because their owners can now afford to sell them or simply because, after waiting, those owners see that the time is right. New inventory should cool things down a bit and after the next two months of fun simmer down, may present a few buying opportunities. Maybe.


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12 responses to “It’s a true spring market

  1. The New Normal

    almost 3 acres on Rockwood Lane seems very reasonable for under 2mm

  2. Anonymous

    really? 94% is wetland?

    • Hardly a scientific survey, I assure you. But to my eye, the place has a small sideyard and swamp/wetlands/non-yard – you pick the term, everywhere else.

      • Anonymous

        If you can get 1/2 acre of yard and 3 acres of FAR that is a builders dream. I think on the eastern side of Rockwood on the right side of the road there are a few potential tear downs that haven’t had much money spent on landscaping. I live nearby, a lot of those trees can be cleared.

  3. Anonymous

    Is Rock Ridge a tear down?

  4. Central Greenwich Long-Time Resident

    78 Rockwood is my dream house. With 3 acres who cares if it is usable? Just need a deck and an entrance that is accessible. I wonder if the little pond at the edge of the property has fish.

  5. Central Greenwich Long-Time Resident

    My backyard is almost a cleared acre and flat. In the summer it is almost all usable. Do you know how many times the yard has been used in the 35 years we have owned the house? Once, when my teenage daughter threw a party in the backyard for at least 100 of her closest friends and a few other times to play badminton..

  6. anonymous

    Unfortunate that some of the broker’s photos show standing water in the woods. Good luck with that.

  7. Outsider

    I have seen the property. Wetlands take about 50%, but they also provide privacy. With setbacks and wetlands you might be able to use 3/4 of an acre (not 94% but more like 70%), but you can build a 11,000 sqft home + pool…. not bad. Realistically I guess someone can manage a nice 6,000 – 7,000 sqft home in the lot and change the expansive yard for protected wetland area. Considering 69 Rockwood sold for $6m after the builder overpaid $2.7m for a smaller lot is not a bad price. Alternatively what is available for $3.5m New in the area? Im looking and there is nothing….. help !!!!