No mercy for the distraught

"Compassion is carrying a revolver" Jim Carrey, March 25, 2013

“A real man of compassion packs a revolver” Jim Carrey, March 25, 2013

Actor Jim Carey savages Gabby Gifford’s husband for buying an assault rifle. “Any one who would buy an assault rifle after [Newtown] has very little in his soul or his heart worth protecting” the comedian deadpanned, refusing to acknowledge the emotional distress Mark Kelly must have been under after testifying just the day before in support of a law banning er, assault rifles.


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8 responses to “No mercy for the distraught

  1. libertarian advocate

    Excellent twist.

  2. Anonymous

    well, that guy has very little talent worth watching or paying any attention to. he was kinda funny or at least interesting for about 5 minutes, 10+ years ago.

  3. Anonymous

    Carey is just another point along the full spectrum of scapegoating and demonization by the media-government complex. Who else did this?

    Once again the media is part of the problem.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Anonymous: My only minor suggested correction would be The media is the largest part of the problem.

  4. Balzac

    In today’s NY Times, David Brooks dares to question the wisdom of our latest irresistible public policy fad:

    “…a phenomenal decline in violence [in the last 25 years]… Murder rates over all have fallen by about 50 percent…What explains the tremendous drop in violence?… 75 percent of the shootings in Boston over the past 30 years have occurred in 4.5 percent of its area, while 88.5 percent of the city’s street segments had not had a single shooting…. So how can we focus police resources on those few areas that host most of the killing?… Instead, the national debate has focused on just one link in the killing chain, the acquisition of the gun…The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention did an analysis of 51 studies of a series of gun control regulations. It could not find evidence to prove the effectiveness of gun control laws….Let’s focus on what works.”

    • Cos Cobber

      Poor David Brooks. Aside from the copy editor, I doubt anyone at his own paper has read a single sentence of his over his entire career…except when he critized Bush or any Republican foreign policy, then of course, he was hailed as a sane center right leaning voice (center right is generous).

    • Libertarian Advocate

      What are you suggesting Balzac? You want politicians to be effective? Seriously? What would happen to their principal special interest group patrons a/k/a the Bar. Every law the legislators pass is intended to benefit their patrons with more work.

    • take no risk nor prisoners say boston cops

      you don’t think cops want to risk life for pension-they say let em shoot em up first and we will study it later in daylight