The builders are coming alive, damn it

141 Cat Rock

141 Cat Rock

Having exhausted the fertile fields of Riverside the builders, reenergized with access to credit again, are swarming like locusts into midcountry – a celebration of Passover, perhaps.

Latest to go, via bidding war no less, was 141 Cat Rock, $1.295, reported today. I had clients who liked it but they’re end users and can’t compete with someone whose only concern about the condition of a house is how much it will cost to scrape it.

141 is a difficult lot, with ledge, but with two $4 million sales literally a stone throw away this past December, extra money spent on site prep is justified.

Tough for homebuyers.


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7 responses to “The builders are coming alive, damn it

  1. Anonymous

    We are close to an accepted offer on a home.
    For a few days there I thought for sure only home buyers (not builders) were our competition, but looking around I am starting to worry.
    We may lose out to a bulldozer, dumpster, crane, modular.
    F me.

  2. Anonymous

    time to start looking in new canaan and darien i suppose…

  3. The New Normal

    the nervousness of buyers is palpable – anecdotally I know of a couple of people who have gotten outbid recently and are frustrated

    if ever there was a time in the last 6 years where sellers could hold their ground it is now

  4. Central Greenwich Long-Time Resident

    The price is a fraction of central Greenwich because the zip code is Cos Cob. It is less accessible and farther from town, but with this type of price differential, Cos Cob is an incredible bargain – like two thirds the price of central Greenwich. When the post office gets rid of the Cos Cob zip code, much of the price differential will disappear.

    • libertarian advocate

      Or maybe zip codes will begin to carry less weight in housing prices?

    • Cos Cobber

      That pesky Cos Cob zip code isnt going anywhere. Even if they close the Cos Cob post office, the zip will remain. Its more likely that US 1 would be renamed Christopher Fountain boulevard.