Well of course it is

Take me to the wreckers ball

Take me to the wreckers ball

Regis Philbin’s old house at 38 Meeting House Road is slated for destruction. I’ve never heard anything but kind words about Mr. Philbin from those who’ve met him, from newsstand vendors to barbers to further up the economic scale: he seems the perfect gentleman, so it’s probably ungentlemanly to suggest his house is, or was simply gawdawful, with dated everything and, really, nothing to recommend its continued existence on this earth.

Philbin tried to sell it for $5.9 million and after years of price cuts unloaded it on the current owners for $3.8. Between so-so land on this dreadful street with an abandoned, uncompleted spec house and another home under foreclosure serving as gates to the neighborhood, they grossly overpaid. A building lot on a medium quality street way north of the Merritt on the eastern side of town? $2.5 million, tops, and if you suggested $1.8, I’d probably agree.


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11 responses to “Well of course it is

  1. Anonymous

    i’ve heard similar stories about regis being a real classy guy.

  2. interior designer


    his interior designer who got the spread in architectural digest years ago must be bummed out.

    every time regis or joy get a new house or nyc apt it ends up in ad.

    the pics says why tear this down, pretty nice.

  3. LaChance aka Kathy Lee

    Revenge. Kathy Lee is the real new owner. She is washing Regis right out of her hair.

  4. anonymous

    Someone thinks because it is near Stevie Cohen’s compound, it’s hedgie chic to be back there, and ok to over pay.

  5. Anonymous

    Meeting House Rd. One of the worst streets in Greenwich!!!!!

  6. LAK

    I met him. He’s a sweetheart! xxoo

  7. Anonymous

    meeting house worst street? are you nuts?

    it’s beautiful up there. good luck getting pizza delivery though.

  8. Anonymous

    p.s. a scratch golfer could, by the way, land on stevie’s putting green from regis’s front yard. a clean 5 iron shot would do it.

  9. stedenko

    Regis is everything that you are not.