When you’re in a hole and want to get out, quit digging

Florida Atlantic University student who refused to step on the name Jesus as demanded by his professor (and Vice Chairman of the Palm Country Democrats – hmmm) has now been suspended and brought up on charges.

I wasn’t the only one to ask why this brave “professor” used Jesus as the object of contempt instead of, say, Mohammad or a copy of the Koran. So far, FAU administrators haven’t answered that poser.


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4 responses to “When you’re in a hole and want to get out, quit digging

  1. Anonymous

    Wonder what Florida Atlantic instructor, DeAndre Poole, and the Associate Dean, Rozalia Williams, thinks of these?

  2. kc

    Florida Atlantic sounds like a very conflicted place. The apology seems to have quieted down some of the rumblings about course content and intellectual freedom not to mention deeper concerns about religious freedom, faith and impiety. This one had all of this and more but many people seemed willing to let it go with an apology. I guess someone at the school wants to keep the controversy going for some reason which eludes me.

  3. Fred2

    The Prof and the School are morons.

    As I read it the object of the exercise to see who wouldn’t and who would and talk about why.

    Seems a little lame, but not offensive. Sounds like a junior high school sort of talk shop exercise.

    The professors should have THANKED the student for refusing and started the discussion from there

    That whatever he said drove the kid to be offended and then the administration to get huffy when young man objected officially…. I suspect a whole lot of stupid is in the water.