Attention, Riverside shoppers


19 Terrace Avenue

19 Terrace Avenue

19 Terrace Avenue dropped its price again today and is now asking $2.495 million. I really like this house and the street it’s on. Beautiful renovation work, its one drawback might be that it’s more vertical living than horizontal, in that its space is spread out over three floors rather than sprawling over the (smallish, admittedly) yard. But it works for me and I think it would work for many families. Its first price of $3.495 back in 2008 was kind of silly but at a million dollars less, it looks very attractive. Certainly worth checking out.


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16 responses to “Attention, Riverside shoppers

  1. Anonymous

    That is a beauty. Can’t understand why it has yet to sell.

  2. Anonymous

    Is this the house owned by a realtor? How could she have priced her own home so terribly high, only to have it languish on the market for such an extremely long time?

    • If you believe Freakanomics, it’s because realtors always price their own homes higher than what they advise their clients to do and reap the benefits therefrom. If you believe mere observation over the years, it’s because realtors are notorious for over-pricing their homes and end up getting less than they would if they’d brought the same objectivity to pricing their home as they do to their clines.
      I’m with the “notorious” observation. This agent is very much not alone in making this mistake.

  3. Anonymous

    “It’s a Great Time to Buy or Sell a Home!”

    Surely a REAL-TOR will price it to SELL!

    Click to access good_time_to_buy_ad.pdf

  4. AJ

    The pic of that house reminds me of Pelham, New York, looking out the window of the Metro North while stopped at the Pelham Station.

  5. Artie

    Still unbelievable to me that a house like that would sell for over $1mm, let alone $2mm! Maybe I should go back to LI…

    • Get over it- or head to Havemeyer and see what $975, $1.3 and $2.2 gets you today- this is a pretty good buy in comparison. I hate to quote the hippies, but it’s all relative.

    • Central Greenwich Long-Time Resident

      The owners did a huge amount of work that must have cost quite a bit. These houses were originally very dark and closed to the outside. They added bay windows and bay window additions, cut through walls to add windows and put in a beautiful new kitchen and baths.

  6. Unprotected Witness

    Nice to see honest photos.

  7. Anonymous

    super oversaturated photos, a little too much time spent in photoshop. i hate that increasing trend in real estate photography.

    oh by the way i can only imagine what walt would do with/in that fluffy white sheepskin rug on the living room floor…..

    • Worse, there seems to be a single template sold to realtors so the same fluffy clouds and crap appear in every listing, regardless of the brokerage. Of course with Realogy owning all the brokerages, it’s no wonder they have the same package: volume discount.

  8. Cos Cobber

    The home is beautiful. I dont understand why the sq footage isnt listed. Thats inexcusable.

  9. Artie

    Maybe it’s not such a bad price compared to Cali…–1

  10. Raised in Riverside

    Beautiful house in a great location — almost no yard left, though. In the low 2’s, they’ll probably get enough people that won’t mind that.