It’s not just the English health care fiasco Obama wants to import

Green energy costs soar in the snowbound isle and Obama and his new energy secretary nominee have already promised to impose the same results here, for the same reason: “efficiency”. 

Families will be paying almost £300 a year in green energy taxes by 2020.

The levy will more than double until a quarter of every pound spent on electricity goes on wind, solar, nuclear or home insulation schemes.

Energy Secretary Ed Davey insisted last night that households will be better off thanks to the benefits of electricity-saving initiatives.

But families will be able to claw the money back only if they buy more efficient domestic appliances and boilers.

The average power bill is now £1,267 – with £112 of that going on green taxes, including an £18 wind farm subsidy.

By 2020, green taxes will have risen by more than 150 per cent, ensuring each family contributes £286, according to the Department for Energy and Climate Change.

Connecticut has its own program in place to drive electricity rates up by at least 25% and coupled with Obama’s determination to triple that cost, we’re facing trouble here in the Nutmeg state and throughout the country. The Progressive movement, which is to say the Democrat Party, is determined to force all of us under its rule to follow its dictates: when the Democrats vision of utopia arrives, when factories are closed and unemployment spreads across the land that for them, that’s not a bug, it’s a feature. When everyone is dependent on the central government for survival, the real power will have arrived.


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  1. AJ

    In traditional physics, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction — you can witness this in everyday life as, for example, every move towards utopia brings you one step closer to dystopia.

    Feeling any safer now? —

    Albany Cops Threaten to Arrest Citizens During Training Exercise
    Police in Albany, New York, conducted a SWAT drill without informing residents last week. Live tear gas and fake ammo was used in the raid on an abandoned apartment building. People were locked down in their apartments and threatened with arrest during the “hostage training scenario,” the Times Union reported on Tuesday.

    One resident told the newspaper police threatened to arrest him for trespassing as he tried to get to his own home.

    Military and police around the country are now conducting urban combat drills and other paramilitary exercises without informing the public. Police and military officials often apologize in response to public outrage but continue to conduct the “scenarios” without informing the public.

    Residents in Albany heard gunfire, flash grenades and breaking glass. They had no idea it was a training exercise, the Times Union reports. “It looked like a small military operation complete with fatigues and full gear,” a resident told the newspaper. “Children should not be exposed to that, not on television, not on radio and definitely not in real life.”

    “Children shouldn’t have to walk through simulated war zones,” said another resident. “We need to be valued as a people that have a right to live without fear.”

    Police admit it was “insensitive” to conduct the drill near occupied apartments. They said there was a breakdown in communication [that’s what they always say — standard excuse] and that’s why residents were not informed. […]

  2. Inagua

    Liberals understand what you do not, Chris — that ordinary people can not make choices on their own. For example, ordinary people would still be buying cheap incandescent light bulbs if the Liberals let them. And the ordinary people might choose cheap coal-generated electricity instead of wind mills or solar panels. And large numbers of ordinary people are currently free to buy SUVs, trucks, and full sized sedans in part because the price of gasoline is too low. Hopefully the Liberals will soon have the guts to price gasoline correctly as it is done in Europe so more ordinary people will start buying European-sized toy cars.

    Liberals always know best. Shame on you for calling it a power grab. It is no such thing. Ordinary people can not make their own choices, and Liberals are willing to help out. It is selfless public service, not a power grab.

    And the biggest tragedy is that this is a bi-partisan trend voted for by a majority of the electorate. One can only conclude that a majority of American voters now support a government-dominated European-style economy. Welcome to low growth and high unemployment as far as the eye can see.

    • AJ

      You got that right: you can’t even decide what you’re going to eat, not even if you want to:

      ‘Brand new GMO food can rewire your body: more evil coming’

      “It’s already bad. Very bad. For the past 25 years, the biotech Dr. Frankensteins have been inserting DNA into food crops.

      The widespread dangers of this technique have been exposed. People all over the world, including many scientists and farmers, are up in arms about it.

      Countries have banned GMO crops or insisted on labeling.

      Now, though, the game is changing, and it’ll make things even more unpredictable. The threat is ominous and drastic, to say the least.

      GM Watch reports the latest GMO innovation: designed food plants that make new double-stranded (ds) RNA. What does the RNA do? It can silence a gene. It can activate a gene that was silent.

      If you imagine the gene structure as a board covered with light bulbs, in the course of living some genes light up (activation) and some genes go dark (silent) at different times. This new designed RNA can change that process. No one knows how.

      No one knows because no safety studies have been done. If you have genes lighting up and going dark in unpredictable ways, the functions of a plant or a body can change randomly.

      Genes that were doing their jobs could stop doing their jobs. Other genes that were dormant could spring into action and perform tasks that weren’t meant to be performed.

      Think of this latest biotech “innovation” as a drunk playing pinball. Lights on the board go on and off, and TILT is always a distinct possibility.

      As GM Watch reports, an Australian company, CSIRO, has designed wheat and barley seeds that put genes to sleep, “to change the type of starch made by the plant.”

      Also on the way: next-generation biopesticide food crops that repel insect predators. In this case, the designer RNA can be injected or even sprayed. When a gene is silenced in the insect, it dies. […]”

  3. Green Mtn Punter

    The Progressives/Democrats need to be driven from office on the local, state, and national levels. They are a menace to prosperity and freedom.
    They believe that they are America’s Allende? They are “the enemies domestic” mentioned in the Constitution. Could it be any more plain to see?

    • Inagua

      It is not just Progressives/Democrats, Punter. It is Republicans as well. Nixon gave us the EPA, the Endangered Species Act, Wage and Price Controls, and Affirmative Action. Bush Senior gave us higher tax rates, the Americans with Disabilities Act, a reauthorization of the Clean Air Act, and the Immigration Act of 1990, “which increased legal immigration to the United States by 40 percent” according to the Urban Institute. Bush Junior gave us the TARP bank bailouts, the Auto Loans, Homeland Security, TSA, two Stimulus Bills, No Child Left Behind, the Prescription Drug Benefit, funny light bulbs, and CO2 as a pollutant. This fool, who also conquered and occupied Iraq for no apparent reason, was among the two or three worst Presidents in US history.

      • AJ

        But I don’t think W. had any problem with people living in flood zones, he being the one who said, “I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully.”

      • TheWizard

        Read his book. The reasons are very clear.

  4. Libertarian Advocate

    Inagua: This fool, who also conquered and occupied Iraq for no apparent reason, was among the two or three worst Presidents in US history.