Nothing much on the open house tour today

No soup for you, today

No soup for you, today

Between private school vacation, the Easter holiday (“even” the board is closing early, a nearly unprecedented event that we haven’t seen in at least 21 days) and whatever else may be going on (Passover? I can’t keep track) nothing worth going out to see. A couple of retreads, a new listing down in a hollow off Stanwich – tough sell – and a 1961 house listed as land as well as residential, asking $2.7 million. I believe, given its location, that’s overly ambitious and I’ll wait until next year to see it, when perhaps the owners will have gotten real.


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6 responses to “Nothing much on the open house tour today

  1. Anonymous

    I keep asking, where’s the beef?
    But inventory 750-950 is slim and none,
    So far we’ve removed an offer on a place that failed inspection on so many levels…..those owners call our agent every 3rd day begging us to reconsider.
    And another house which is not even on the market yet, basically strung us along for the last 3 weeks, only to then come back to state they will test the market themselves, basically using us as bait to set their ask.
    And btw, our 3 offers, we’re all within shouting distance of what they failed to sell their house at for 11 months last yr.

    Either they are right, or we are right, or we are both wrong and it goes for less. Only time (very near term time) will tell.


    • jb

      Be patient. More inventory likely coming on the market. S&P just today hit a new high while EP falling apart and BRICs slowing down. And RE investors getting jittery. Hold tight.

    • Mickster

      1. Tell owner A that you will reconsider if he fixes the problems highlighted by the inspector; and
      2. Never deal with someone who’s house is not on the market. It NEVER works out. That’s why agents are needed – there are so many flakes out there, you have no idea.

      • Anonymous

        I have learned my lesson about houses that are on the market.
        We got our hopes up, literally started planning out rooms and furniture, and just like that, we are back to square one.
        House A we bid up too high, got too excited, too fast.
        My feeling is, I will keep it in mind, watch the action on it (one or two price reductions, and take it from there maybe in June-July.
        I’m a first time home buyer, and I must say, this has been rather unpleasant thus far.

  2. ShedLessToolMan

    hmm.. governments and elite are confiscating cash.. gold has been declared less safe than in the past.. I think people are parking in real estate as safety.. if prices are coming down, will not be any time soon.. this bubble still needs time to form before it will ever pop.. maybe several years minimum.. they kick the can down the road.. and we just keep on going just like it is now o inventory can even get worse..