So who will our own sovereign nation turn to for its bailout?


Mashantucket "Indians" march for dimes

Mashantucket “Indians” march for dimes

Having burned through all their money, Connecticut’s two faux-Indian tribes turn to United States of America for handouts.

According to the Associated Press, the once billion-dollar Pequot casino empire has, in the past, distributed stipends of more than $100,000 annually to adult tribe members. Now, however, the Pequots join other gaming tribes, including nearby rival casino Mohegan Sun, in the pursuit of more federal aid. The pattern is getting the attention of those who opposed the law that allowed Indian tribes to develop casinos, since the law was promoted as one that would assist tribes in becoming financially self-reliant.

What can’t continue, won’t.


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15 responses to “So who will our own sovereign nation turn to for its bailout?

  1. CatoRenasci

    cut ’em off. They wanted a casino and they squandered the money. Let them eat chips.

  2. Fred

    What is it with Indians in NorthAmerica?

    In Canada the financial mismanagement/corruption of the tribes of their monies is legendarily bad too, and it SHOULD be a massive scandal.

    That and how Indian’s with double the per capita income to their non-indian neighbors manage to live like destitute 3rd world denizens, while their neighbors have clean well maintained homes and communities.

    I’m sure it’s racist and nasty to bring it up, but I have an inkling of understanding why the pre-WWII “Indian Affairs” departments tended to treat their charges like children for financial purposes.

    Yeah I know, it’s paternalistic, and racist and bad and etc… Yawn.

    • Inagua

      “What is it with Indians in NorthAmerica?”

      It appears that when a Stone Age tribal culture without metallurgy or even the wheel is invaded and conquered by more technologically advanced people, that it takes more than 500 years for a majority of the Stone Agers to catch up.

  3. Walt

    Dude –
    How did Chief Tumbling Dice manage to screw this up? Maybe the same way NY somehow managed to lose money on OTB? How do you screw up a LEGAL CASINO?? You invite the white man in, ply him with firewater, THEN SCALP HIM!! How do you screw that up? And they don’t even have to pay taxes!!

    Maybe they should make Tough Guy Who Is Really Black Not Indian the new casino CEO. And who did they send to make the request for a bailout? That little squaw slut Poke While Bent Over? Or that blowhard Chief Windbreaker?

    Anyhows, I say no more wampum for them. They pissed it all away, living the Redskin Rich lifestyle.

    It is sad. But my Advice is they consult with Chief Jew Lawyer and get some good bankruptcy advice on this.

    Your Pal,

  4. FF

    The New York OTB went under because, for generations, every idiot cousin, brother and nephew of State politicians got dumped on the agency with $400,000 a year no-show jobs that maybe the staff forgot, but the payroll department didn’t. Everyone knew it was a disaster, but nobody was willing to let stupid cousin Al be unemployed. When they finally went down, their salaries were, I believe, 109% of the rake, and I heard somehting like 1000 employees on the payroll for more than 10 years with no actual job responsibilities. The bankruptcy was a relief for those who were too chicken to do the right thing.

    But then again, until the very end it didnt take taxpayer dollars

  5. weakleyhollow

    Why have a rainy day fund if you have a rich Uncle? Spend away!

  6. stedenko

    So if the Pequots are a sovereign nation…….could a band of armed militants from Faifield County go up there and take em over?

  7. libertarian advocate

    In the past the Pequots were the most generous contributors to thebDemocrat party and its candidates. Now, without money, will they have any influence? I suggest yes, but only if they agree to split the pie and send a goodly bit of it back as political contributions.

  8. armonk

    Connecticut Indians got cut off at the pass by the Rooney Brothers (Pittsburgh Steelers owners) who allegedly pull a over a billion/year out of
    Why travel 125 miles to eastern CT (or Atlantic City) when you can lose money and sleep in your own bed?
    Massachusetts is building 4 casinos next.

    There were 66 members of the Pequot tribe in 1910, 2000 now. They got the rabbit habit.